Can Medical Cannabis Fuel Brain Cell Growth? How?


Medical marijuana is now legally used to treat a host of different medical conditions, ranging from mild anxiety to full-blown Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD.) However, new research points to yet another benefit of medical cannabis.

Yes, here’s another reason to find a fast and reliable medical marijuana delivery service, and one more way nature has made marijuana the world’s most perfect plant.

The cannabinoids in marijuana promote new brain cell growth, and it has been confirmed in study after study. Ironically, the finding is just the opposite of what people believe about marijuana – that it kills your brain cells. Surprise! Medical marijuana has been found to cause neurogenesis, the stimulation of new brain cell growth; the fact that most prescription and street drugs suppress neurogenesis, is no surprise.

We’ve known since 2005 that a concentrated form of the synthetic cannabinoid HU-210 promotes the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, the region of the brain that processes learning and memory, as well as anxiety and depression. Now, other studies are pointing to these same neurogenic effects in both CBD and CBC, two important healing cannabinoids of marijuana.

Here at Green Door West, the premiere medical marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles, we have always known that brain cell growth encouraged by medical marijuana balances the ill-effects of smoking it, and that smoking is the only method of ingestion that kills brain cells.

When you’re looking for Beverly Hills marijuana delivery, or Santa Monica marijuana delivery, you’ll find the finest top-shelf flower strains, as well as potent edibles, topical creams, and marijuana concentrates – which are discretely delivered right to your door.

The laws surrounding California’s recent recreational marijuana proposition will not go into effect until early 2018, and you still need a medical marijuana card to buy, grow, or possess weed in California until then. So the next time someone tells you to “grow a brain,” have your trusty medical marijuana delivery service bring over some brain cell fuel immediately.


striped ice

What To Do Before Visiting Antarctica


I am lucky enough to be one of the few people that have taken a few trips to Antarctica and I would willingly go back many more times to experience what is one of the greatest holiday destinations on earth. You can makes you own trips to Antarctica and the following tips will really help you have some successful ones of your own, because this is not your ordinary holiday.

Plan, plan and plan some more

I can’t stress this enough and the reason that I had such a great time on my trips was because I found the right tours and tour operators for me. I knew what I wanted and was willing to ask around until I got the answer that I wanted. I would highly recommend researching and then researching some more. This is something that can really pay off in the end. I also wanted to make sure that I was getting my money’s worth, because visiting Antarctica is no small expense.

Invest in good equipment

This is something that definitely made my trips all the more enjoyable, of course being one of the lucky few to go to Antarctica is one thing, but it is another to be unprepared. So let’s start with clothing. I purchased some really high quality clothing that was not cheap, but was totally worth it. My thoughts are that sub standard equipment is only going to mean a very unpleasant holiday for you. Something that you can look into too when it comes to a tour operator is if they provide certain clothing like boots and waterproof clothing. I would highly recommend a test run of your equipment, so that everything is in order.

For the sake of this article, let’s think of cameras as essential equipment. After all you will be taking thousands of photos (trust me on this). I spent quite possibly too much money on a new camera before I left, but boy was it worth it. I got some amazing snaps that I can keep for the rest of my life and which I am very proud of too. I think that some nice binoculars are also a good idea to make sure you don’t miss anything, especially whales that swim in the Antarctic waters.

Get fit

Building up some physical fitness is a great way to help you deal with the cold weather, especially because those with better fitness generally have better circulation. Even though I knew that I wouldn’t be running around everywhere, I found that being fit for the trip was very important. Especially given the length of the trip and the harsh conditions.

See a doctor

In addition to being fit, I also went to the doctor in order to see if I had any health issues before I left. Thankfully nothing was wrong, but it is always a good idea to do this because being sick is going to make your trip unpleasant. In fact you could get even worse, given the exposure to the cold. I think this is also a good opportunity to get some new prescription medication if you take it, because this will be near impossible to find in Antarctica.

Delivery Regulations – Most Lenient States with Cannabis Delivery

If you are looking to get your marijuana delivered to your doorstep, you might have to jump through a couple of hoops and wait for new laws to be developed. The majority of states have banned the delivery of recreational marijuana, and only a select few states allow the delivery of medical marijuana. You can also ask the staff at your local dispensary, like the people at Green Door West, if they allow for medical marijuana delivery or when that might be possible. Here are a couple of examples to show you what you can likely expect in your area.



On paper, Alaska looks to have the most relaxed laws on marijuana delivery. However, if you look closely, you will see that it is due to the number if outposts the state has. Most supplies, including food, must be delivered to outposts on a regular basis (weather permitting) for customers to pick up.


Los Angeles alone has more than 500 dispensaries in it. Which is why California has left the laws on marijuana delivery up to each city/county to determine for themselves. You’ll have to check with your local government to see what the regulations are or speak to a staff member at a dispensary. For the best services of marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles, check out Green Door West for more.

Colorado, Illinois and Nevada

All three of these states have made it illegal for anyone other than the primary caregiver to delivery medical marijuana to patients. Anyone found delivering marijuana in a for-profit situation will face the full force of the law.


Oregon passed Measure 91, which made it possible for certified retailers to make deliveries to patrons who have legal documentation to have medical marijuana on the premises prior to delivery. This might allow for customers to eventually place long standing orders with the help of their physicians as well as letting recreational users’ text or call in for deliveries in the future.


Washington used to allow the delivery of marijuana. However, a recent change to the laws managing the use of marijuana has made it completely illegal. Washington residents are going to have visit a dispensary to obtain their marijuana.


Braces for adults are on the up

I remember having braces as a kid and absolutely hating them, so much so that when they broke I never had them repaired and put back on. For years I wish that I had because I would always catch myself looking in the mirror at how my teeth weren’t perfectly straight. When you’re young you really don’t understand the value of how important it is to take care of your teeth and get all the work done then and there.

As I grew up I thought that I would never get braces and I would just keep my teeth the way they are. In my mind braces were for kids and kids only! My mind soon changed as the years went by, I started noticing an increasing number of adults with braces on. I started to do a little research and learnt how braces for adults was increasing year on year. Gone was the stigma with the look of braces because the end result was going to be worth it.

So I took the plunge and booked an appointment with an orthodontist to find out my options. Within a few weeks I was back into the surgery to have my braces fitted, the road to straight teeth had begun!

I really wanted to write this post to try and inspire others not to be too shy and to go ahead get that perfect smile that they had always wanted. So here’s what I’ve learnt on my braces journey.

Just Do It

It’s time to stop procrastinating and just do it, book the appointment with the orthodontist and get the ball rolling. I say this from experience because I wish I had started this whole journey years ago, if I had my teeth would already be fixed. 

Eyes On The Prize

This is important because at first I was shy to smile and show people I had braces, but just embrace it. At the end of the day nobody actually cares if you have braces or not. What you always need to remember that at the end of your journey you will be so confident smiling with your new smile.

 Shop Around

There are so many options out there these days, this makes shopping around for the best deal absolutely essential. I was able to find a great deal by asking friends and family their opinions, plus not just going with the first orthodontist I spoke to.

About adult braces in Scotland 

Adult braces in Scotland are becoming increasingly popular. The technology available to dentists is always improving and so is the price. I would recumbent Beam Orthodontics based on my past experiences because they always do such an amazing job.


Visiting the dentist – There’s no reason to be scared

            A fear of going to the dentist is a common problem faced by both adults and children alike. It is however really important to overcome these fears as poor oral hygiene combined with irregular on no check-ups at all can lead to serious problems like tooth decay, gum disease, loss of teeth and even more serious conditions such as cancer of the mouth. Also known as odontophobia or dentophobia, which are mainly due to anxiety, certain steps can be taken to make going to the dentist a less stressful time.


            What usually begins in childhood, fear of the dentist can be addressed in children using a number of different methods. The first is to start taking your child to the dentist as early as you can. The first trip is needed at about one year old. Children generally are born without fear so the more relaxed the experience is for them the better. Secondly, why not try doing some kind of role-play exercise with your child before they go. You can pretend you are the dentist and let your child lie back in a comfortable chair and ask them to open wide. Try to avoid putting anything in their mouths at this stage and just explain you are going to have a look how big their teeth are getting. Finally, it will help your child if you yourself can remain calm when they visit the dentist. Your emotions will rub off on them and they will sense your own anxiety which in turn reflects on them. Prepare yourself for some of the usual shenanigans young children act out when they are reluctant to do something.

With adults the fear may seem a little illogical, it is however still very common. There are a number of techniques you can use to overcome your fear, the first being relaxation. Try taking slow, deep breaths and thinking of something pleasant like a recent good experience. You can even try muscle relaxation techniques. Another would be some kind of distraction, typically audio, by listening to music through your smartphone. If alternative medicine is your thing then acupuncture has been used for relaxation purposes for centuries. This is still a relatively new approach in dentistry though.

About the Dentist

If you require more advice contact a Navan dentist, Boyne Dental and Implant in Meath, Ireland.


Antarctica: A Short Travel Guide


Antarctica should be at the top of the bucket list of any traveller, it really shouldn’t matter if you have been to one country or fifty, everyone should experience this magical place. It is such a pristine place that we all need to see and respect at least once in our lives, it truly is a different world. Today we will be talking a little bit more about some ways to really get the most out of your trip and to make it as good as it possibly can be, so read on to find out more.


Where to leave from

Almost all cruises to Antarctica leave from Ushuaia in Argentina and you will cross the Drake Passage, which is the body of water between Antarctica and the southern tip of South America. There are of course tours  from Australia or New Zealand, but these are much fewer in number and explore the eastern side of the continent.

antarctica 4

What to see

One of the number one things to do is without a doubt actually stepping foot on the Antarctic Continent itself. Of course you may think that any trip to Antarctica involves this, but the reality is that most cruise ships will not actually allow you to leave the ship and you must book a tour like this yourself or get a cruise that will actually allow you to do this. Imagine telling your friends that you have been to Antarctica, it really is something that not many people get the chance to do.

Aside from this you can see a huge number of things in and around Antarctica, these include amazing Antarctic wildlife, glaciers, glacial lagoons, huge icebergs and dramatic stretches of wilderness. All of which you will never forget.


Here are some great tips for visiting Antarctica for the first time:

  • Check everything – It is so important to make sure that your cruise includes everything that you think it will, because you do not want to arrive and be disappointed that you missed out on something. Antarctica truly is a place that you will go only once and probably never experience again and therefore you need to make sure you do it right.
  • Bring a good camera – The most stunning scenery in the world is deserving of some stunning pictures and bringing a good camera is something that you won’t regret doing. There truly is not a better place in the world to take photos, so having the right camera will mean you have some lifelong memories to share with others.
  • Book early – When it comes to your dream holiday in Antarctica you really don’t want to mess around with leaving things to the last minute, because believe it or not Antarctica cruise tours can sell out rather quickly. Therefore you should book as early as possible and really commit yourself to the adventure.

Credible recovery of Rwanda Tourism Industry after 1994 Civil War and Genocide In Rwanda

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which lasted for 100 days but left the fragile economy of Rwanda destroyed completely causing a sharp decline in the country’s GDP. With the massacres of nearly a million people dead, impoverished life particularly women and children as refugees and militias took advantage of the genocide of ruining the country’s limited natural resources, national parks, games reserves, forests were mercilessly encroached poaching particular species of mammals to extinction. The insecurity dramatically affected the service oriented tourism industry as tourists could no longer come to the country neither domestic traveler could engage in any tourism related services as humanitarian agencies were struggling to improve lives of genocide survivors.

The Rwanda service sector depended a lot on the post genocide government programs to rebuild the economy, infrastructures, the functioning industry sector returned to production in 1996 to 2006 in particular the justice process restored following relative peace and security under the new leadership of President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda has achieved a significant progress in stabilizing her economy together with the international priority investors such as the United Nations, the European development fund and the Chinese undertook privatization of state business to increase production including the tourism industry prioritized as a potential sector, by 2005, the world investment conference in Geneva recognized tourism development potential to create of jobs, earner foreign exchange and hopefully reduce poverty and overdependence on subsistence agriculture. This led to a dramatic resurgence of economic development of Rwanda striving as a middle income earning African state.

The tourism industry still suffered negative media coverage as the country was working hard to restore her national parks. From 1998 to 2000 most national parks were secured and re opened for tourism despite the world economic recession and crisis with foreign donors hesitant to fund tourism development.

Rwanda has limited natural resources but very fertile and fragile habitats and ecosystems which were once swept into by poachers and herders leading to extinction of lions from Akagera national park whilst the critically endangered mountain gorillas in volcanoes were reducing in numbers. Nevertheless tourism seen as a rebirth and the country re-branded as “a land of a thousand hills” to fit the regional tourism market competitors. Equally good, strong conservation policies and the determined Rwandan development board saw significant efforts to diversify tourist activities to improve a classic Rwandan tour package, reduce poaching and enfranchisement involving local communities in conservation of wildlife.

The pristine rain and bamboo volcanoes national park was secured to protect the last surviving population of mountain gorillas with about 250 gorillas, the Rwandan development board partnered with African national parks to restore the big five status by re- introducing lions and rhinos. In beed to grow her tourism in early 2000, the government introduced gorilla safaris in Rwanda to Volcanoes national park as an eco tourism model of promoting responsible green travel which has turned out to be the top adventure activity featuring today’s many African safari travelers’ bucket list. In 2010 the tourism sector rebounded becoming the country’s largest sector and economic output contributing US $ 128.3 million from US $ 115.6 million in 2011.Subsequently tourists numbers to national parks started to increase which for 2012 reached 405,801 visitors coming to Rwanda with 16 % of these being leisure markets coming from outside Africa. Despite the genocide’s negative image, Rwanda is increasingly being perceived internationally as the safest tourist destination in Africa.

In the last 15 years, Rwanda turned her genocide legacy into a tourist product such as the Gisozi memorial museum tapping into the dark tourism market segments as well as greening of Kigali city. Kigali city was recently ranked 3rd greenest destination by the world travel guide. The MICE a sub sector of tourism established as a strategy to boost tourism, Rwanda has emerged as a destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, steadily climbing the ladder, Rwanda ranked 7th among the top 10 host countries for biggest events in Africa by the international congress convention association following the successful hosting of the world economic forum 2016 with over 1, 5000 delegates spending much dollars for the 3 day stay and MICE is contributing 10 % of tourism receipts.

In the aftermath of the genocide, tourism remains Rwanda’s largest source of foreign exchange over the last 15 years following the significant increase of peace and security, conducive investment climate and the travel and tourism policies such as high end marketing strategy, the gorilla naming ceremony and infrastructure development. Rwanda emerged the best continental exhibitor during the recent ITB Berlin tourism trade fare, such events continue to attract tourists, the sector registered 1.2 m visitors in 2014, these numbers grew to 304,000,000 visitors at the end of 2015 accounting for the an increase in revenues from US $ 296.4m to US $ 303m.the Rwandan development board hopes to tap into more emerging leisure markets and increase tourism development.

Tourism is rapidly growing since the 1994 genocide, security and peace stabilized, guided tours offering to explore the rich history, culture and natural beauty of Rwanda’s wildlife attractions from the iconic mountain gorillas, big game mammals in Akagera Park, waterfalls, rainforests to the dark tourism sites. Despite the rapid development, Rwanda is still a developing country facing challenges such as high population pressure, few alternative tourist attractions to keep longer stays of tourists among others. Rwanda has managed to compete with East African states offering similar products and services such as Uganda from her limited natural resources.


The Power and Psychology of Colour that Influences Buying


Colours are extremely powerful in provoking emotions deep within the person seeing them and this is something that is completely natural and has been a common theme in the animal kingdom since the existence of life, for example the male peacock uses its bright colours to attract a mate and impress potential mates. The modern day equivalent to this in the human world is using colours to sell products and this is something that companies take very seriously. Read on to find out a little bit more about the psychology of colours and the impact that they have on purchasing.

Colours convey messages

Brands choose their colours very carefully, because they know that they are important because they need to be clear, bold, beautiful and of course, recognisable. Companies use colours in ultra strict and consistent ways to build their brands, because it doesn’t matter if your company sells stylus pens or balloons, consist use of colour is of the utmost importance in influencing customers and potential customers to buy. If they get this wrong they risk losing customers by not being memorable or by putting them off.

Do colours actually sell

In the infographic I have included above it would seem that colours actually play a huge part in our purchasing decisions, particularly given that 90% of people subconsciously judge based on colour alone and also that people judge products within the first 90 seconds. Therefore colour plays a huge role in pushing the customer to buy a product, particularly because the colour is something must immediately attract and please the customer, particularly given the very short 90 seconds for the customer to make their ultimate decision.

Colours have different meanings

It is well know that colours have different meanings around the world, and this ties into the way that things are branded and marketed in various places. Good examples of this are red in Germany (bad luck), yellow in France (infidelity) and blue in Sweden (masculinity). Let’s look at Sweden, which is the home of the world famous brand Ikea. The colour of the Ikea logo is naturally yellow and blue (the national colours of Sweden and its flag), which presents a very strong contrast that is visually pleasing. This bold contrast can also be tied into the fact that blue is a strongly masculine in Sweden and can be seen to be very attractive.


How Supply Chain Managers Can Benefit Small Companies

In order for small companies to stay competitive they have to offer goods that are of a superior quality, at the lowest possible price. Due to this it is essential to minimise the cost of production, the way to make this possible is through good supply chain management. It is up to the managers to make sure that production costs are kept low so that the savings can eventually be passed forward to the customer. An effective way to quickly implement supply chain management is to hire supply chain consultants, doing this will effectively and swiftly streamline your practices.


So what are the benefits of good supply chain management? Here we have listed 3 of the top reasons to implement them in your business.

Reduce your costs

One of the key areas that involves supply chain management is highlighting the processes you implement that increase costs without actually adding value to the end product. Such processes are only detrimental to your company and do not add value, they should be removed wherever and whenever possible.

Increase output

When a company employs a good level of supply chain management they are able to form close working relationships with both supplier and consumers, this has the knock on effect of making sure that orders are completed swiftly. We all know that any company that is effective with its timeliness will be able to increase its customer base, this will then grow the company as output and sales increase.

Increase profits

This is why all companies are here – to make profits! The best and most effective way to make sure that profits increase is to keep costs at the lowest rate possible. The only real way to make this dream a reality is to employ supply chain management.

If you are not already implementing a good level of supply chain management in your small company then you need to start today. You will instantly see the benefits and be able to pass those new found savings on to the consumer.

Must Have Items for Travel

People who travel frequently may have learned that there are certain items that they should always bring along with them during their travels. It is a given to pack clothes, shoes and toiletries, but there are a few items that some people just don’t think to bring and don’t until they they have a need for them. With this being the case, people should be sure to think about what activities they will be doing while away and pack their bags accordingly.


Here are a few must have items for travel.



Watches are a must have when you are going anywhere, even it is just up the street. It is true that people have cellphones and other ways to figure out what time it is, but watches are easier to use and offer people quick access to the time. Simple raise your arm and look down at your wrist. There is not digging through your pockets or purse or asking strangers on the street.


Pocket Knife

When people need to cut something, they often have to run to the kitchen to grab a knife or scissors. Not only does this take time, it is annoying. People like for access to things to be quick and easy, so a pocket knife is a good option. Plus, the chance of a person wanting to carry around a pair of scissors while they are traveling is very slim.



Ideally, when people go on vacation or are traveling the world towels are something that should be readily available at wherever they decide to stay. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Places lie hostels don’t really offer guests towels, so if you find yourself staying at a some place other than your home it will be nice to have your own fresh towel ready for use.


After adding these things to your list, you will find to a place that you can purchase them. Personal Creations is one merchant that offers all three of these items for an affordable price. So, when it is time to get things done and pack for you trip, you won’t have a problem getting the things you need.