Why Vegas Should be on Your Travel List This Year


If you haven’t been to the fantastic city that is Las Vegas before then this post is just for you. This is a city which you most certainly should be considering as somewhere to travel to this year and there are numerous reasons why. Each year there are literally hundreds of thousands of tourists who travel from all over the world to witness the spectacle that is Las Vegas and once you too have visited, you will understand exactly why it so popular. If you are not sure about whether or not this is a trip for you, here are just a few reasons why it certainly is.

Still Fresh

Despite the fact that Las Vegas has been famous for over 6 decades, the city doesn’t show any signs of it and it is still very fresh. Many cities of this ilk, can appear tired after many years of tourism but not Vegas. This is a city which is constantly improving and evolving to make sure that tourists have the best time imaginable.


Vegas is not just the gambling capital of the world but the entertainment center of the world too. Every single night of the year you can find some of the very best entertainers in the world gracing stages across Vegas, entertaining huge audiences. Whatever type of shows you enjoy, you can find it here in Vegas, from cabaret to comedy, magic to world-famous superstars, it is all here waiting for you.


One of the biggest pulls which brings people to Vegas is its iconic status. The hotels alone are worth you coming to Vegas, to witness the famous Caesar’s Palace, the fountains of the Bellagio, the canals of the Venetian and of course, the monster of Mandelay Bay and the MGM Grand. Vegas is an iconic city which has been the focus of TV shows and movies for many years, and you feel all of it when you are walking throughout the city.

Perfect For Everyone

Planning trip which has something for everyone can be tricky, especially when you are talking about a city. With this being said, Vegas is the perfect place for just about every taste and wish. Here you can find fun for the gamblers, adrenalin junkies, connoisseurs of fine wines and food, plenty of kids entertainment and lots of museums for the buffs too. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you’ll find it right here in Vegas.

Short Space

Traveling around in Vegas is so easy thanks to the small nature of the city. Walking the Vegas strip can be done in around an hour, but within that hour you will find enough action and adventure to last you a lifetime. During your time in Vegas you will not be wasting hours traveling around as you would in some cities, giving you far more time to have the best vacation ever.

Are you convinced?

How To Plan The Best Fall Road Trip Ever

Fall is often all about football tailgates, hiking, bonfires, all the pumpkin spice things you can think of, and spending some cool time outdoors. It’s also one of the best times to take that road trip you’ve been dreaming about! If you love getting out and about when the weather cools down – a road trip is perfect for one day or even a sweet three day weekend. Many places boast of gorgeous Fall foliage and outdoor festivals geared toward all those cool Fall activities, which makes this season perfect for hitting the open road.

Clean Out The Clutter

You’ll want to start your road trip out in a clean car, with loads of foot room – right? Be sure to remove any trash and vacuum the interior before you head out. Alternatively, taking your car for a detail will get the car cleaned with professional precision inside and out.

Get Your Car Checked Out

Regular maintenance is key to keeping a car running smoothly on the open road. A great service center will make sure your fluids are topped up for long days on the road. Check your tire pressure and fill with air if needed. The best way to find a great service center is to check They make sure you locate a convenient service center near you that offers the most fair price on maintenance and repairs. That way you get on your road trip safe for a little less.

Map Things Out A Little

You’ll want to make loose road trip plans, because one of the things that really makes a road trip great is going off the beaten path. Maps are still your greatest asset, even if you have a GPS, because a lot of side highways are ‘blue’ which means they’re nothing but strip malls. That’s why it’s important to identify the difference between service roads and country roads. Sometimes GPS coordinates aren’t updated, especially when rural counties change addresses due to 911 service needs. That’s when the trusty printed map comes in super handy. You never know when you can get lost and might need that Atlas.

Two ‘Must Haves’ For Any Road Trip

You’ll want to pack all the entertainment. The two things that are absolute ‘must haves’ for a good day on the open road: a killer playlist and all the snacks! Music is essential in keeping the car ride fun for all ages. Many digital playlists can be tailored to genre as well as ages, so it’s easy to make something for everyone in the car. As for snacks, whatever floats your boat is the best thing to bring. Think non-perishable items like snack crackers, cookies, breakfast or granola bars, protein bars, nuts and seeds, and chips or popcorn. Don’t forget a mini-cooler with plenty of water, as this will come in handy when washing all the snacks down.

Plan For The Unexpected

Some good rules of thumb for any road trip are to plan ahead for unexpected mishaps. For instance, a flat tire. Roadside assistance services are great. Many insurance companies offer them as part of your coverage, or you can join one like AAA at a low cost as well. Pack a mini-rescue pack in your trunk with a gallon of water, extra bottle of oil, gloves, jumper cables, an extra phone charger and battery pack, a blanket, and some snacks no one knows about – just in case you end up stranded for a hot minute.


The UK Is The Place To Holiday This Summer

If you think that you need to head abroad to enjoy beach holidays culture and find adventure this summer then you need to think again. You can get all of that and more here in the UK, it’s right here on your doorstep and takes away all the stress involved of planning a trip abroad.


You only have to take a look at Blue Chip Holidays to see the amazing locations and cottages that you can stay in to get excited about what’s waiting for you.

Here are 3 great reasons why the UK is the perfect place for your summer holiday this year.

The Scenery

The UK has some of the most amazing scenery in all of Europe; amazing wooded valleys and beautiful mountain ranges are here in abundance. The beaches are truly fantastic also, Rhosili Bay in Wales is a must see for all beach lovers. If you rent a cottage amongst the sprawling landscapes in the UK you are certain to have a holiday that will live long in the memory.

The Culture and History

I’m sure that you know the weather in the UK can be a bit tricky to predict, but regardless of the weather a summer holiday in the UK leaves you with plenty to do. You can rent a cottage that is situated in the grounds of a historical estate, a location like that provides you with lots to do come rain or shine. Then there’s also the culture, in the UK we are fortunate enough to have many World Heritage sites to explore. If you’re an art lover then why not visit some homes that used to be occupied by famous artists and writers.

The Romance

Forget about heading off to the likes of Paris or Rome in search of the perfect romantic holiday because you don’t need to go that far to spoil your loved one. I don’t think those two places can compete with a medieval castle or secluded cottage in the rolling moorland. Just imagine being able to soak in a hot tub looking at of the window at the picturesque landscape – the UK is full of romantic places to visit. If you do your research you will also find fairy-tale towers that you can rent for the ultimate in romantic getaways.

Have you spent an amazing summer in the UK before? I would love to hear all about your experience and any recommendations you might have. All you have to do is put your thoughts in the comment section below.


The Best Caribbean Islands


The Caribbean has long been a destination for people to really enjoy the beauty, scenery and sense of adventure. There really isn’t anything like luxury Caribbean vacations and it is one of my favourite parts of the world to really relax, unwind, enjoy life and be adventurous, all in the one region of the world! I wanted to talk a little bit more about visiting this amazing place. I am going to talk about some of my absolute favourite islands, I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I have enjoyed having the chance to visit them.

St Kitts

This is one of my personal favourites, so I thought I would start things off with this one. The nature here is absolutely supreme with a forest that covers over a quarter of the island. It is amazing to think that the island is a dormant volcano and you can visit the cradle of this, which is known as Sofa Rock. It is just amazing to be at the edge of this and to see the steaming floor of the crater. There is also some interesting wildlife that inhabits the islands such as vervet monkeys, mongooses and black-bellied sheep. Last but not least my favourite thing to do here is without a doubt diving, with so many well preserved diving sites you could do this all day long. The colourful tropical fish and the amazing coral make it all the more worth your while.


One thing I enjoy about this place is the amazing mixture of culture, nature and the people. The nature is some of the best in the West Indies, especially with huge stretches of untouched coastline, stunning waterfalls, secret coves and beaches. This is one of my ultimate Caribbean islands that I just can’t get enough of. The people here are extremely relaxed and you can even see it in the way they move. They absolutely love to enjoy life, dance and party. There is nothing better than seeing this because you get into the spirit and mood of this too. The food is another thing that gets me about this place, especially with their love of rum (Jamaican rum being some of the best) and spicy food. You absolutely need to try some jerk chicken, it will quite literally change the way you want to eat forever.

The Bahamas

With 700 islands dotted throughout the Caribbean Sea, this amazing archipelago is an ecological hub that has some of the clearest water on the planet. Of course, you will always have somewhere to explore and you can make it as quiet and secluded as you like. Chartering a boat and simply going and discovering the islands is something that you should definitely experience. The chances are that very few people have ever been there before, which presents a unique opportunity to experience something truly unique. You can have any kind of holiday that you want in the Bahamas, it doesn’t matter if you want relaxation or adventure. There is something for everyone with fishing, spas, massages, swimming, diving and other water sports to enjoy.


Can Medical Cannabis Fuel Brain Cell Growth? How?


Medical marijuana is now legally used to treat a host of different medical conditions, ranging from mild anxiety to full-blown Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD.) However, new research points to yet another benefit of medical cannabis.

Yes, here’s another reason to find a fast and reliable medical marijuana delivery service, and one more way nature has made marijuana the world’s most perfect plant.

The cannabinoids in marijuana promote new brain cell growth, and it has been confirmed in study after study. Ironically, the finding is just the opposite of what people believe about marijuana – that it kills your brain cells. Surprise! Medical marijuana has been found to cause neurogenesis, the stimulation of new brain cell growth; the fact that most prescription and street drugs suppress neurogenesis, is no surprise.

We’ve known since 2005 that a concentrated form of the synthetic cannabinoid HU-210 promotes the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, the region of the brain that processes learning and memory, as well as anxiety and depression. Now, other studies are pointing to these same neurogenic effects in both CBD and CBC, two important healing cannabinoids of marijuana.

Here at Green Door West, the premiere medical marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles, we have always known that brain cell growth encouraged by medical marijuana balances the ill-effects of smoking it, and that smoking is the only method of ingestion that kills brain cells.

When you’re looking for Beverly Hills marijuana delivery, or Santa Monica marijuana delivery, you’ll find the finest top-shelf flower strains, as well as potent edibles, topical creams, and marijuana concentrates – which are discretely delivered right to your door.

The laws surrounding California’s recent recreational marijuana proposition will not go into effect until early 2018, and you still need a medical marijuana card to buy, grow, or possess weed in California until then. So the next time someone tells you to “grow a brain,” have your trusty medical marijuana delivery service bring over some brain cell fuel immediately.


striped ice

What To Do Before Visiting Antarctica


I am lucky enough to be one of the few people that have taken a few trips to Antarctica and I would willingly go back many more times to experience what is one of the greatest holiday destinations on earth. You can makes you own trips to Antarctica and the following tips will really help you have some successful ones of your own, because this is not your ordinary holiday.

Plan, plan and plan some more

I can’t stress this enough and the reason that I had such a great time on my trips was because I found the right tours and tour operators for me. I knew what I wanted and was willing to ask around until I got the answer that I wanted. I would highly recommend researching and then researching some more. This is something that can really pay off in the end. I also wanted to make sure that I was getting my money’s worth, because visiting Antarctica is no small expense.

Invest in good equipment

This is something that definitely made my trips all the more enjoyable, of course being one of the lucky few to go to Antarctica is one thing, but it is another to be unprepared. So let’s start with clothing. I purchased some really high quality clothing that was not cheap, but was totally worth it. My thoughts are that sub standard equipment is only going to mean a very unpleasant holiday for you. Something that you can look into too when it comes to a tour operator is if they provide certain clothing like boots and waterproof clothing. I would highly recommend a test run of your equipment, so that everything is in order.

For the sake of this article, let’s think of cameras as essential equipment. After all you will be taking thousands of photos (trust me on this). I spent quite possibly too much money on a new camera before I left, but boy was it worth it. I got some amazing snaps that I can keep for the rest of my life and which I am very proud of too. I think that some nice binoculars are also a good idea to make sure you don’t miss anything, especially whales that swim in the Antarctic waters.

Get fit

Building up some physical fitness is a great way to help you deal with the cold weather, especially because those with better fitness generally have better circulation. Even though I knew that I wouldn’t be running around everywhere, I found that being fit for the trip was very important. Especially given the length of the trip and the harsh conditions.

See a doctor

In addition to being fit, I also went to the doctor in order to see if I had any health issues before I left. Thankfully nothing was wrong, but it is always a good idea to do this because being sick is going to make your trip unpleasant. In fact you could get even worse, given the exposure to the cold. I think this is also a good opportunity to get some new prescription medication if you take it, because this will be near impossible to find in Antarctica.

Delivery Regulations – Most Lenient States with Cannabis Delivery

If you are looking to get your marijuana delivered to your doorstep, you might have to jump through a couple of hoops and wait for new laws to be developed. The majority of states have banned the delivery of recreational marijuana, and only a select few states allow the delivery of medical marijuana. You can also ask the staff at your local dispensary, like the people at Green Door West, if they allow for medical marijuana delivery or when that might be possible. Here are a couple of examples to show you what you can likely expect in your area.



On paper, Alaska looks to have the most relaxed laws on marijuana delivery. However, if you look closely, you will see that it is due to the number if outposts the state has. Most supplies, including food, must be delivered to outposts on a regular basis (weather permitting) for customers to pick up.


Los Angeles alone has more than 500 dispensaries in it. Which is why California has left the laws on marijuana delivery up to each city/county to determine for themselves. You’ll have to check with your local government to see what the regulations are or speak to a staff member at a dispensary. For the best services of marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles, check out Green Door West for more.

Colorado, Illinois and Nevada

All three of these states have made it illegal for anyone other than the primary caregiver to delivery medical marijuana to patients. Anyone found delivering marijuana in a for-profit situation will face the full force of the law.


Oregon passed Measure 91, which made it possible for certified retailers to make deliveries to patrons who have legal documentation to have medical marijuana on the premises prior to delivery. This might allow for customers to eventually place long standing orders with the help of their physicians as well as letting recreational users’ text or call in for deliveries in the future.


Washington used to allow the delivery of marijuana. However, a recent change to the laws managing the use of marijuana has made it completely illegal. Washington residents are going to have visit a dispensary to obtain their marijuana.


Braces for adults are on the up

I remember having braces as a kid and absolutely hating them, so much so that when they broke I never had them repaired and put back on. For years I wish that I had because I would always catch myself looking in the mirror at how my teeth weren’t perfectly straight. When you’re young you really don’t understand the value of how important it is to take care of your teeth and get all the work done then and there.

As I grew up I thought that I would never get braces and I would just keep my teeth the way they are. In my mind braces were for kids and kids only! My mind soon changed as the years went by, I started noticing an increasing number of adults with braces on. I started to do a little research and learnt how braces for adults was increasing year on year. Gone was the stigma with the look of braces because the end result was going to be worth it.

So I took the plunge and booked an appointment with an orthodontist to find out my options. Within a few weeks I was back into the surgery to have my braces fitted, the road to straight teeth had begun!

I really wanted to write this post to try and inspire others not to be too shy and to go ahead get that perfect smile that they had always wanted. So here’s what I’ve learnt on my braces journey.

Just Do It

It’s time to stop procrastinating and just do it, book the appointment with the orthodontist and get the ball rolling. I say this from experience because I wish I had started this whole journey years ago, if I had my teeth would already be fixed. 

Eyes On The Prize

This is important because at first I was shy to smile and show people I had braces, but just embrace it. At the end of the day nobody actually cares if you have braces or not. What you always need to remember that at the end of your journey you will be so confident smiling with your new smile.

 Shop Around

There are so many options out there these days, this makes shopping around for the best deal absolutely essential. I was able to find a great deal by asking friends and family their opinions, plus not just going with the first orthodontist I spoke to.

About adult braces in Scotland 

Adult braces in Scotland are becoming increasingly popular. The technology available to dentists is always improving and so is the price. I would recumbent Beam Orthodontics based on my past experiences because they always do such an amazing job.


Visiting the dentist – There’s no reason to be scared

            A fear of going to the dentist is a common problem faced by both adults and children alike. It is however really important to overcome these fears as poor oral hygiene combined with irregular on no check-ups at all can lead to serious problems like tooth decay, gum disease, loss of teeth and even more serious conditions such as cancer of the mouth. Also known as odontophobia or dentophobia, which are mainly due to anxiety, certain steps can be taken to make going to the dentist a less stressful time.


            What usually begins in childhood, fear of the dentist can be addressed in children using a number of different methods. The first is to start taking your child to the dentist as early as you can. The first trip is needed at about one year old. Children generally are born without fear so the more relaxed the experience is for them the better. Secondly, why not try doing some kind of role-play exercise with your child before they go. You can pretend you are the dentist and let your child lie back in a comfortable chair and ask them to open wide. Try to avoid putting anything in their mouths at this stage and just explain you are going to have a look how big their teeth are getting. Finally, it will help your child if you yourself can remain calm when they visit the dentist. Your emotions will rub off on them and they will sense your own anxiety which in turn reflects on them. Prepare yourself for some of the usual shenanigans young children act out when they are reluctant to do something.

With adults the fear may seem a little illogical, it is however still very common. There are a number of techniques you can use to overcome your fear, the first being relaxation. Try taking slow, deep breaths and thinking of something pleasant like a recent good experience. You can even try muscle relaxation techniques. Another would be some kind of distraction, typically audio, by listening to music through your smartphone. If alternative medicine is your thing then acupuncture has been used for relaxation purposes for centuries. This is still a relatively new approach in dentistry though.

About the Dentist

If you require more advice contact a Navan dentist, Boyne Dental and Implant in Meath, Ireland.


Antarctica: A Short Travel Guide


Antarctica should be at the top of the bucket list of any traveller, it really shouldn’t matter if you have been to one country or fifty, everyone should experience this magical place. It is such a pristine place that we all need to see and respect at least once in our lives, it truly is a different world. Today we will be talking a little bit more about some ways to really get the most out of your trip and to make it as good as it possibly can be, so read on to find out more.


Where to leave from

Almost all cruises to Antarctica leave from Ushuaia in Argentina and you will cross the Drake Passage, which is the body of water between Antarctica and the southern tip of South America. There are of course tours  from Australia or New Zealand, but these are much fewer in number and explore the eastern side of the continent.

antarctica 4

What to see

One of the number one things to do is without a doubt actually stepping foot on the Antarctic Continent itself. Of course you may think that any trip to Antarctica involves this, but the reality is that most cruise ships will not actually allow you to leave the ship and you must book a tour like this yourself or get a cruise that will actually allow you to do this. Imagine telling your friends that you have been to Antarctica, it really is something that not many people get the chance to do.

Aside from this you can see a huge number of things in and around Antarctica, these include amazing Antarctic wildlife, glaciers, glacial lagoons, huge icebergs and dramatic stretches of wilderness. All of which you will never forget.


Here are some great tips for visiting Antarctica for the first time:

  • Check everything – It is so important to make sure that your cruise includes everything that you think it will, because you do not want to arrive and be disappointed that you missed out on something. Antarctica truly is a place that you will go only once and probably never experience again and therefore you need to make sure you do it right.
  • Bring a good camera – The most stunning scenery in the world is deserving of some stunning pictures and bringing a good camera is something that you won’t regret doing. There truly is not a better place in the world to take photos, so having the right camera will mean you have some lifelong memories to share with others.
  • Book early – When it comes to your dream holiday in Antarctica you really don’t want to mess around with leaving things to the last minute, because believe it or not Antarctica cruise tours can sell out rather quickly. Therefore you should book as early as possible and really commit yourself to the adventure.