3 Reasons why reading is important

We all know that reading is very important, it is one of the essential skills that we need to be able to study and to learn more. Without being able to read there is no way that we could have learned much at school or even after our school years had come to an end. Learning to read is important, but what is equally as important is that you continue to read for as long as you possibly can, hopefully for your entire life. Getting children reading is one of the most important things that parents can do, inspiring your kid to read at a young age will help them no end at school and in life in general. To see how seriously reading is you only need to look at the amazing book tour that was launched by Scottish Friendly back in 2013. The tour is going from the North of the United Kingdom to the south, calling in at thousands of schools. The tour brings together leading authors and school children, the author will read their story with the kids and then talk to them afterwards. This is a sure fire way to get kids interested in reading and also to get them inspired to read more. The tour has been a huge success so far and has influenced the lives of many school kids in their reading. We think that the most important reasons for reading are as follows:


It allows an escape and a chance to de-stress

When a child picks up a book or has one read to them it allows them to lose themselves in a story, they can turn off and escape to an imaginary place that is created by the book. This is fantastic for kids, with so much pressure being put on them to perform at a young age a chance to escape is always welcome. The more interested they are the more they will lose themselves in the story and want to read more.

Helps for educational purposes

The number one way to learn things is to read books. Books can teach children any number of things, it can teach them about the world, history or even teach them to use their imagination when they are reading a fictional text.

It opens and expands the mind

When you read a book it allows you to walk through a door to an imaginary world. Your creative juices start flowing the second you read a book, you create the scenes, you create how the characters look and talk. Essentially you are teaching your mind to be more vivid and creative, this is such a useful skill for kids to learn.