5 Alternatives to a “Regular Job” After College

After donning the cap and gown, collecting your diploma and waving goodbye to the college years, it’s time to stare down the path called “real adult life.” But contrary to what many people say, the college years are by no means necessarily the best years of your life! Whether you’re looking for accounting or insurance jobs, positions in writing or music or still just figuring it all out, here are 5 ideas to keep your options open after graduation:


Teach English Abroad If you’ve been stuck job searching for awhile, you might feel like the skills you gained in university just aren’t that marketable. But surprise! Your native skills are hugely marketable abroad! Being a native English speaker is a huge advantage in the global marketplace, and becoming TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)- Certified will put you in a great position to find jobs in schools or private language academies in nearly any country you might want to live.

Au Pair If you’d like to experience living in another culture firsthand and you enjoy children, au pairing could be a perfect option. Generally, au pairs live with a family and are expected to care for the children for a pre-determined amount of hours per day, usually before and after school and sometimes on weekends. You’ll have the daytimes free to take language courses or do whatever you like, and if the family enjoys traveling they’ll bring you along on holiday.


Volunteer Work Abroad There are many great organizations out there that help you find volunteer work in exchange for food and accommodation. WWOOF (www.wwoof.org) and Workaway (www.workaway.info) are two such organizations- workers usually work 4-6 hours per day, 5 days per week in exchange for board, in thousands of locations around the world. It’s perfect for those with an adventurous spirit and desire to learn new skills and make new connections around the globe.


Work for Free After all that time, effort and money spent earning your degree it might be hard to stomach the idea of working for free- but some of the best companies might not have openings right away, and offering to work for free can get you into the door. Set it up so that you work 1-3 months for free, gaining experience, and then transition into a paid position if you are a satisfactory worker.


Create Your Own Job We are so lucky to live in a day and age with such an abundance of opportunities to earn a living creatively and on our own terms (“Four Hour Workweek”, anyone?!) Sit down and brainstorm how you would like to spend your days if money were no object… then set out to create your dream career. Starting a business online requires low overhead costs and with the right amount of dedication and skill you could be working to live- and not visa versa.