5 Ways to Chill Out In Costa Rica

1) Hitting The Links full-Los-Suenos-golf-17th-hole

As an avid golfer and traveller, this is one of my favorite past times in any place, so when I have an opportunity to combine it with a Costa Rican trip: Pure Bliss. A Golf Costa Rica Vacation is a great way to kickback on a sunny afternoon with some buddies, whether you are a scratch golfer or losing more golf balls than there are holes. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the Pacific coast of central Costa Rica offers some world-class golf courses with incredible geography and wildlife all around. The value that you can get when hitting the links in Central America far surpasses your typical home course. And don’t worry about needing to bring your own clubs all the way from home, because these masterfully-crafted resort courses will be happy to rent out a pair to hack up some earth with.

2) Surfing

It is no secret that Costa Rica is one of the top surf destinations in the world. I won’t pretend to be an experienced surfer, but I have enjoyed every chance I got when surfing in Latin America. There is something special about zipping up a wet suit, bellying up to a board, and taking on a wave, regardless of skill level. I believe that surfing has a lot to teach us about life and riding the waves that are brought to us. Surfing is great way to clear your head, enjoy some beautiful beaches, all while getting fit in the process. Have you ever seen a fat surfer? It’s because they don’t exist.

3) Snorkeling

The Discovery Channel can only do so much when capturing the beauty of the ocean’s biodiversity. Snorkeling in Costa Rica is one of the world’s great testaments to the richness that lies just off the shores of the white sand. I would recommend getting a cheap water-proof disposable camera to remember your underwater adventure. The pristine water will be something that you will want to re-imagine and share with friends and family back home. Snorkeling is a celebration for all the senses, hearing the sound of the ocean while swimming through these picturesque, surreal backdrops.

4) Deep Sea Fishing costa-rica-sailfishing

Besides great beaches, crystal blue water and spectacular scenery, Los Suenos, Costa Rica is known for great fishing, particularly an abundance of marlin and sailfish. Fisherman come from all over the world, particularly between December to May, to enjoy sport fishing and the marina. With its fantastic harbor, Los Suenos is a great place to enjoy the surroundings and explore the ocean. Even better than some of the best fine-dining options available, is getting back to your hunter-gatherer roots and catching your own dinner to serve to hungry family and friends.

5) Nightlife

The best part about traveling is sharing new experiences and meeting new people. Local pubs and dance clubs, especially in this part of Costa Rica, are havens to get out, enjoy a night out on the town and meet internationals from all over the world. If you check with your concierge or do some searching around online you will find any venue that suits your taste in music and ambience.

This is a great list to get you licking your chops at your Costa Rican Vacation. Now, the next step is yours!