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5 Ways to Reduce Bacteria In The Office

Slide on those silicon gloves and prepare to get dirty. Your place of employment is harbouring more germy nasties than you would care to know. Don’t spend a large portion of your week in a cess pool of sickness. Follow these few tips and you will be on the highway to hygiene!

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Clean your desk regularly

Cleaning your desk doesn’t mean just tidying your pen collection. You think of your workspace as a pristine environment, but when you knock over your morning coffee, and warm brown liquid creates rivers along your desk, you are already doomed. Wage war on bacteria, armed with soap and hot water. A quick wipe down at the end of each day will ensure milky residue isn’t festering for an entire week.

Create a cleaning roster

I’m really excited to empty the slimy bins, says no one ever. You are going to suspect everyone has severe sight problems if you continue to employ the clean-up-as-you-see-it policy for mess. If everyone has a small job they complete regularly, it will feel like no one is burdened, but your office stays squeaky clean and germ free. Place your roster in a public place to avoid confusion, and so nobody can play the blame game after three weeks of dirty toilets.

Ban the all-purpose cloth

There is no such thing as an all-purpose cloth. The sponge used for wiping slimy spaghetti off the kitchen sink, should not be used to clean the scum off the windows. Even rinsing it under hot water won’t completely remove the breeding bacteria. Throw out any cloths that could be vessels of contamination, and replace them with job specific implements. Get creative and have a bit of fun with this ordinarily mundane task. Colour code your cloths, buckets and mops, even go so far as to name and draw faces on them. Who knew cleaning could be so fun and friendly?

Make the kitchen sink sparkle

Kitchen sinks turn into cauldrons of bacteria. Yesterday’s leftover fish curry makes friends with the chunky remnants of the health freak’s protein shake. Together they birth a putrid smelling spawn that leaves you on the floor like you just inhaled chloroform. Enforce a regular cleaning regime, ensuring no dishes are left in the sink at the end of the day. Don’t let your sink become a breeding ground.

Keep carpets fresh

Give the floor some love. It’s a hard gig being consistently trodden on, soaking in spills and having dust mites settle in. The carpet can be easily ignored because it isn’t at eye level, but just a little attention can make all the difference in the cleanliness and aesthetics departments. It’s a simple as cleaning as you go. If Heather from sales drops her red lipstick, don’t let it get scuffed into the carpet for eternity. Take a couple of minutes to spot clean and keep the floor fresh. A little maintenance in between the weekly cleaners visit might just save you from a hay fever episode.

Say goodbye to bacteria, sickness and strange smells around the office. For more tricks, consult a professional cleaner, such as AMC Commercial Cleaning.