The Power and Psychology of Colour that Influences Buying


Colours are extremely powerful in provoking emotions deep within the person seeing them and this is something that is completely natural and has been a common theme in the animal kingdom since the existence of life, for example the male peacock uses its bright colours to attract a mate and impress potential mates. The modern day equivalent to this in the human world is using colours to sell products and this is something that companies take very seriously. Read on to find out a little bit more about the psychology of colours and the impact that they have on purchasing.

Colours convey messages

Brands choose their colours very carefully, because they know that they are important because they need to be clear, bold, beautiful and of course, recognisable. Companies use colours in ultra strict and consistent ways to build their brands, because it doesn’t matter if your company sells stylus pens or balloons, consist use of colour is of the utmost importance in influencing customers and potential customers to buy. If they get this wrong they risk losing customers by not being memorable or by putting them off.

Do colours actually sell

In the infographic I have included above it would seem that colours actually play a huge part in our purchasing decisions, particularly given that 90% of people subconsciously judge based on colour alone and also that people judge products within the first 90 seconds. Therefore colour plays a huge role in pushing the customer to buy a product, particularly because the colour is something must immediately attract and please the customer, particularly given the very short 90 seconds for the customer to make their ultimate decision.

Colours have different meanings

It is well know that colours have different meanings around the world, and this ties into the way that things are branded and marketed in various places. Good examples of this are red in Germany (bad luck), yellow in France (infidelity) and blue in Sweden (masculinity). Let’s look at Sweden, which is the home of the world famous brand Ikea. The colour of the Ikea logo is naturally yellow and blue (the national colours of Sweden and its flag), which presents a very strong contrast that is visually pleasing. This bold contrast can also be tied into the fact that blue is a strongly masculine in Sweden and can be seen to be very attractive.


How Supply Chain Managers Can Benefit Small Companies

In order for small companies to stay competitive they have to offer goods that are of a superior quality, at the lowest possible price. Due to this it is essential to minimise the cost of production, the way to make this possible is through good supply chain management. It is up to the managers to make sure that production costs are kept low so that the savings can eventually be passed forward to the customer. An effective way to quickly implement supply chain management is to hire supply chain consultants, doing this will effectively and swiftly streamline your practices.


So what are the benefits of good supply chain management? Here we have listed 3 of the top reasons to implement them in your business.

Reduce your costs

One of the key areas that involves supply chain management is highlighting the processes you implement that increase costs without actually adding value to the end product. Such processes are only detrimental to your company and do not add value, they should be removed wherever and whenever possible.

Increase output

When a company employs a good level of supply chain management they are able to form close working relationships with both supplier and consumers, this has the knock on effect of making sure that orders are completed swiftly. We all know that any company that is effective with its timeliness will be able to increase its customer base, this will then grow the company as output and sales increase.

Increase profits

This is why all companies are here – to make profits! The best and most effective way to make sure that profits increase is to keep costs at the lowest rate possible. The only real way to make this dream a reality is to employ supply chain management.

If you are not already implementing a good level of supply chain management in your small company then you need to start today. You will instantly see the benefits and be able to pass those new found savings on to the consumer.

Must Have Items for Travel

People who travel frequently may have learned that there are certain items that they should always bring along with them during their travels. It is a given to pack clothes, shoes and toiletries, but there are a few items that some people just don’t think to bring and don’t until they they have a need for them. With this being the case, people should be sure to think about what activities they will be doing while away and pack their bags accordingly.


Here are a few must have items for travel.



Watches are a must have when you are going anywhere, even it is just up the street. It is true that people have cellphones and other ways to figure out what time it is, but watches are easier to use and offer people quick access to the time. Simple raise your arm and look down at your wrist. There is not digging through your pockets or purse or asking strangers on the street.


Pocket Knife

When people need to cut something, they often have to run to the kitchen to grab a knife or scissors. Not only does this take time, it is annoying. People like for access to things to be quick and easy, so a pocket knife is a good option. Plus, the chance of a person wanting to carry around a pair of scissors while they are traveling is very slim.



Ideally, when people go on vacation or are traveling the world towels are something that should be readily available at wherever they decide to stay. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Places lie hostels don’t really offer guests towels, so if you find yourself staying at a some place other than your home it will be nice to have your own fresh towel ready for use.


After adding these things to your list, you will find to a place that you can purchase them. Personal Creations is one merchant that offers all three of these items for an affordable price. So, when it is time to get things done and pack for you trip, you won’t have a problem getting the things you need.

Teething Troubles

Teething Troubles

Teething can be a nightmare for parents, especially when it seems like here is nothing that you can do to ease the pain of your child. It can also cause a lot of distress for parents, especially if the teething interrupts your sleep, but mainly because it is painful to see your child distressed and this can lead to other problems in the lives of you and your partner. In this article we will talk more about teething and what can be done to ensure to keep everyone happy. (more…)

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements

As we get older our body’s needs change and we are unable to absorb all the vitamins and minerals from the food we eat like when we were younger, a popular way to get around this problem is taking vitamin supplements. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that are bodies require to keep working and to keep healthy, so without them it can cause many problems especially in the elderly. (more…)

Why dental implants are a better option.

Why dental implants are a better option.

So you have decided you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, well you are not alone it is estimated that as many as 2 out of 5 people in the UK are also not happy with the appearance of their mouths. According to a recent survey conducted by dentists in Maidstone the biggest and most common problem people have when it comes to the appearance of their teeth is that of missing teeth. (more…)

Navan - A gem of a destination

Navan – A gem of a destination

In the North East of Ireland lays the little town of Navan, well I say little it’s actually the fifth biggest town in Ireland and has the tenth largest urban settlement in Ireland, with a population of about 28,600. Navan is the main town in the County Meath and is known as the “Heritage Capitol of Ireland”. Navan was founded around the time of the Norman invasion of Ireland which was led by Hugh de Lacy and for his participation was granted the county of Heath by King Henry II of England in 1172. Hugh de Lacy then awarded one of his loyal knights the Barony of Navan where he built a fort from which the town started. (more…)