The Best Caribbean Islands


The Caribbean has long been a destination for people to really enjoy the beauty, scenery and sense of adventure. There really isn’t anything like luxury Caribbean vacations and it is one of my favourite parts of the world to really relax, unwind, enjoy life and be adventurous, all in the one region of the world! I wanted to talk a little bit more about visiting this amazing place. I am going to talk about some of my absolute favourite islands, I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I have enjoyed having the chance to visit them.

St Kitts

This is one of my personal favourites, so I thought I would start things off with this one. The nature here is absolutely supreme with a forest that covers over a quarter of the island. It is amazing to think that the island is a dormant volcano and you can visit the cradle of this, which is known as Sofa Rock. It is just amazing to be at the edge of this and to see the steaming floor of the crater. There is also some interesting wildlife that inhabits the islands such as vervet monkeys, mongooses and black-bellied sheep. Last but not least my favourite thing to do here is without a doubt diving, with so many well preserved diving sites you could do this all day long. The colourful tropical fish and the amazing coral make it all the more worth your while.


One thing I enjoy about this place is the amazing mixture of culture, nature and the people. The nature is some of the best in the West Indies, especially with huge stretches of untouched coastline, stunning waterfalls, secret coves and beaches. This is one of my ultimate Caribbean islands that I just can’t get enough of. The people here are extremely relaxed and you can even see it in the way they move. They absolutely love to enjoy life, dance and party. There is nothing better than seeing this because you get into the spirit and mood of this too. The food is another thing that gets me about this place, especially with their love of rum (Jamaican rum being some of the best) and spicy food. You absolutely need to try some jerk chicken, it will quite literally change the way you want to eat forever.

The Bahamas

With 700 islands dotted throughout the Caribbean Sea, this amazing archipelago is an ecological hub that has some of the clearest water on the planet. Of course, you will always have somewhere to explore and you can make it as quiet and secluded as you like. Chartering a boat and simply going and discovering the islands is something that you should definitely experience. The chances are that very few people have ever been there before, which presents a unique opportunity to experience something truly unique. You can have any kind of holiday that you want in the Bahamas, it doesn’t matter if you want relaxation or adventure. There is something for everyone with fishing, spas, massages, swimming, diving and other water sports to enjoy.