The Best Crêpes (and Galettes) in Paris

Crêpes and galettes originated in Brittany, a northwest region of France. Once they caught on, consumption became widespread throughout the country. Galettes are similar to crêpes in nature, but are made with buckwheat flour and usually contain savory fillings. Crêpes on the other hand have sweet fillings and are made from wheat flour. Here are five places to feast on dizzyingly delicious crêpes and galettes.


Breizh Café
109 Rue Vielle du Temple

An emerging international superstar, Japanese cooks masterfully whip up an assortment of crêpes and galettes at the Breizh Café. A dessert crêpe I’d take a France ferry for is the La Carrément Caramel, which is a crêpe topped with salted butter and caramel, with a scoop of salted butter caramel ice cream. The. Best. Ever. If you’re feeling more unusual fare, try their yuzu butter or ginger caramel.


67 Rue due Montparnasse

Walking into Josselin you feel like you’ve been transported to your grandma’s house with its lace, dark wood paneling and bric-a-brac décor. The crêpes here are buttery, authentic, traditional, and delicious. No fancy fillings here, only the classics. I’d recommend the Crêpe Bertine with tomatoes, cheese, egg, a little ham, onions and red wine. Instead of cider, try a glass of Lait Ribot, slightly fermented buttermilk. Trust me on this.


West Country Girl
6 Passage Saint-Ambroise

The minimal façade doesn’t allude to the goodness (and hip clientele) you find within. Inside the stylish retro shop you can select from a variety of sweet and savory crêpes and wash it down with one of the Breton ciders naturally on hand. The delicate buckwheat parcels are filled with fresh ingredients like eggs, goat cheese, spinach, brie, and bacon. You’ll feel like you’re in Brittany.


Le Pot O’Lait
41 Rue Censier

A cheerful place to hang out, it’s clearly a neighborhood favorite. It has beach-blue walls, friendly servers, and a view of the nearby medieval church. Tune out the lively French chatter and feast on the La Fermiere, with roasted red peppers and cheese, topped with a mixed green salad and herbs. Mmm. Pair with one of the artisanal ciders they’ve got on deck.