Braces for adults are on the up

I remember having braces as a kid and absolutely hating them, so much so that when they broke I never had them repaired and put back on. For years I wish that I had because I would always catch myself looking in the mirror at how my teeth weren’t perfectly straight. When you’re young you really don’t understand the value of how important it is to take care of your teeth and get all the work done then and there.

As I grew up I thought that I would never get braces and I would just keep my teeth the way they are. In my mind braces were for kids and kids only! My mind soon changed as the years went by, I started noticing an increasing number of adults with braces on. I started to do a little research and learnt how braces for adults was increasing year on year. Gone was the stigma with the look of braces because the end result was going to be worth it.

So I took the plunge and booked an appointment with an orthodontist to find out my options. Within a few weeks I was back into the surgery to have my braces fitted, the road to straight teeth had begun!

I really wanted to write this post to try and inspire others not to be too shy and to go ahead get that perfect smile that they had always wanted. So here’s what I’ve learnt on my braces journey.

Just Do It

It’s time to stop procrastinating and just do it, book the appointment with the orthodontist and get the ball rolling. I say this from experience because I wish I had started this whole journey years ago, if I had my teeth would already be fixed. 

Eyes On The Prize

This is important because at first I was shy to smile and show people I had braces, but just embrace it. At the end of the day nobody actually cares if you have braces or not. What you always need to remember that at the end of your journey you will be so confident smiling with your new smile.

 Shop Around

There are so many options out there these days, this makes shopping around for the best deal absolutely essential. I was able to find a great deal by asking friends and family their opinions, plus not just going with the first orthodontist I spoke to.

About adult braces in Scotland 

Adult braces in Scotland are becoming increasingly popular. The technology available to dentists is always improving and so is the price. I would recumbent Beam Orthodontics based on my past experiences because they always do such an amazing job.