Tips for Smoother Business Travel

If you travel for work, you’re probably all-too-familiar with the hassle of racing for planes, misplacing important work items, and dealing with luggage restrictions and shotty internet connections. Here are some tips for smoother business travel, so you can enjoy the upsides of your mobile lifestyle!

Pack Smarter Chances are, you’re traveling solely with a carryon, so¸ pack for the reality of overhead space! If you pack a briefcase and a large rolling bag as your carryon, you risk having to check it at the gate if space runs out. So pack two equal-sized bags instead- one to fit under the seat, and one overhead.


Organize the Essentials Your trip will be must lower-stress if you consciously pack everything you’ll need in a designated spot in your bag. Prepare the appropriate electrical plug adapters you’ll need, and bring USB chargers for your devices so you can charge in your PC.

check in

Ask for More Perks The classic adage goes “you never know until you try”- so use it to gain extra perks on your business trip. When you check in for your flight, ask with a friendly smile if there are any upgrades available- you may find yourself bumped up a class. The same goes for hotels, rentals cars or anywhere else that specials could be available for those with a friendly query.

Develop Routines You’ll be amazed at the time and energy you save when you have routines for boarding the plane, eating, and sleeping when traveling for work! Organize your bags to have everything you need available before you board a long-distance flight. Eat before boarding to maximize the amount of time you can sleep on the plane. Try to adjust the local time when you arrive, staying up until nighttime instead of napping during the day will help beat jet lag.

hostel healthy

Treat Your Body Well With everything you have to keep in mind for work, it might slip your mind to take your own health into consideration when traveling! Eating right, getting enough sleep and avoiding alcohol will do wonders for your mindset and energy!

Increase Productivity Make sure that your hotel has a reliable internet connection before arrival so you don’t waste time getting to work! Use time on the plane to catch up on any writing or non-internet work. If your trip involves meeting with clients or colleagues, make sure you get enough sleep after traveling to be punctual and energized  for maximum productivity.




5 Ways to Make Money On the Road

Do you dream of living the nomadic life, traveling around the world and immersing yourself in different cultures for more than just a holiday? Have you discovered that the 9-5 work culture couldn’t be further from your dream lifestyle? Awesome- because there are tons of ways to earn money on the road and rack up incredible travel experiences along the way. Here’s how:


Travel Writing/Blogging If you’ve got a slew of awesome travel experiences to write about, try starting up a blog to share them with other wanderlusters. You won’t make money overnight, but if you can gather a following, the advertisers will come. If starting up your own site sounds a little daunting, there are plenty of opportunities to write freelance articles for travel websites as well!

teach english

Teaching English If you’re a people person and willing to spend some time training to get your TEFL certification, then teaching abroad could be for you. There are plenty of language schools in most cities looking for native English speakers to teach classes- anything from private lessons to business English or young adults. It’s also a great way to get to know the local people and culture.


Hostel Work Working in a hostel can be especially great for travelers looking to hop around a bit and live in different places! You can often find work in reception, cleaning or the restaurant/bar in exchange for free accommodation and sometimes meals and a stipend. You won’t put a ton of money in the bank, but it’s another great way to get to know other travelers and the work is generally low-stress.


Organic Farming Several organizations, including WWOOF and Workaway, offer travelers the chance to work on a farm in exchange for accommodation and food. The work ranges from everything from caring for animals, gardening, learning about sustainable food production, and so much more- all depending on where you stay! Hosts and travelers come to an agreement on the amount of work to be done beforehand, usually about 4-6 hours per day, with set days off per week.

Web/Graphic Design The beauty of the internet is that if you’ve got web design skills, you can work literally anywhere and for anyone- because everyone needs a website these days! Make up some business cards and offer your services to those you meet on your travels- bars, restaurants, hostels, spas… the opportunities are endless if you’ve got some creativity, a laptop, an internet connection and a little gumption!


Visiting Lapland: Discover The Sami People of Lapland

The semi-nomadic lives of the Sami people dates back thousands of years and follows the east-west and west-east movement of the reindeer herds. There are nine variations of the Sami dialect with the most common one being that of the Northern Sami. Only at the beginning of the 20th century was the Sami history recorded in Sami language. The people in Lapland have hundreds of words relating to reindeer and reindeer husbandry, which reflects how important the reindeer is to their daily life. They even have a word for a reindeer with skin peeling off its antlers – calocoarvi!

On a visit to Lapland you’ll no doubt come across the opportunity to take a visit to a Sami camp and sit in a traditional tent or lavvu around a warm log fire. We highly recommend accepting a hearty dish of reindeer stew, if it is offered, whilst you listen to generations-old stories recounted by a brightly dressed Sami. One of the best known features of Sami culture is the joik, or chanting, similar to that of the North American Indian or Mongolian throat singing. Themes present in joiks are animals, people, and special occasions in life.

The Sami people are known for their stunning handicrafts. As you travel around you will come across cups and bowls hollowed out of birchwood. Over the thousands of years’ of history similar implements were used to drink water from the rivers and lakes. With exquisite reindeer skin artifacts based on their centuries old traditions. The shapes have been honed over the years and their handcrafts feature no sharp edges – even to the knives that they use, designed so as not to get caught in clothing or bags whilst out on the fells with the reindeer.


How to spend a weekend in Paris

Whenever I think about Paris I think of a Henry James, “Paris is the greatest temple ever built to material joys and the lust of the eyes.”  A simple yet revealing quote, Paris was built to excite the senses, not just the eyes; the full throttle pace of life in Paris has to be seen to be believed.

Paris suffers from an embarrassment of riches, cafes, restaurants, world-class museums and don’t forget the shopping. Find cheap apartments in Paris. Renting your own apartment in Paris allows you to explore Paris from a unique angle.


Family Vacations in Rocky Point

Located just a few hours’ driving distance from Phoenix, Puerto Penasco (or “Rocky Point”, as it is known in the US) is seen by many Americans as Arizona’s unofficial state beach. With so many American visitors, the area caters especially to its visitors from the North and you would be forgiven for thinking of Sonora as an extention of Arizona; at the border crossing in Lukeville, you will see fleets of cars with Arizona plates heading in both directions all year round. Up until a couple of years ago, you didn’t even need a passport to get across the border.


What was once just a tiny fishing village has in recent years grown into a popular destination for young and old alike. While the spring break crowd can usually be found downtown, Sandy Beach usually hosts families hoping for a quiet, pleasant beach resort vacation. Many hotels and providers of rental apartments pride themselves on their family atmosphere. My family and I stayed used Rocky Point Ventures Rentals last Spring specifically to avoid the party-goers and didn’t see any evidence of the spring break crowd.


High Heels and Cobblestones

Okay so I’ve never really been a high heel wearing kind of gal. Not to school, parties, downtown, just never. I don’t know if it was my lack of grace or my keen ability to hit and or trip over inanimate objects that did me in but those suckers just aren’t my cup of tea. Especially on cobble stone streets and sidewalks, which, if you didn’t already know, is what the entire European continent is made of.


But once again after moving to Copenhagen, I found myself the minority in this world of lavish and chic. I was in a predicament. A predicament that could squander my eternal European plight to appear Un-American. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the only people here not wearing high heels were the men, and the handful of Americans who needn’t read further to heed my advice. It was this awareness that permitted my guilt free 699 DKK high-heeled boot purchase. C’mon, wedges couldn’t be that hard to walk in…right?


Find the right car hire insurance quote

Most car rental companies offer insurance as part of the total cost for the car itself but this should always be checked beforehand as you don’t want to leave yourself without sufficient protection. In most countries in Europe, car rental companies will offer third party cover as standard but some policies will provide more comprehensive protection.


Some insurance companies also offer a collision damage waiver (CDW). This covers you against damage to yourself or the rental car. If you have an accident and do not have CDW you may find yourself with substantial repair costs. You should always check if CDW is included in the basic insurance policy. Most companies will offer to upgrade your car hire insurance policy to include CDW for a fee if it is not provided as standard.


Where are the Best Family Ski Destinations in France?

France has always been home to some of the best ski destinations in the world, and that reputation is yet to falter. With something for everyone, from groups of young people to more mature couples and even solo skiers, France is the place to go.


The skiing season really only gets underway in the New Year, so why not soften the blow of a long, cold winter in the office with a ski break to France?


Best Family Locations for Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean holidays are what dreams are made of. With tropical temperatures, year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches and a vast range of family-friendly resorts to choose from, the Caribbean is an ideal family holiday destination. Often, it makes sense to go all-inclusive so that you can keep tabs on your spending, while resting assured that the little ones


How to plan an adventurous date

We all look forward to date night; however, it can be easy to slip into a mundane dating routine. If your relationship needs a little bit of spicing up, why not plan a fun and exciting date experience? From outdoor activities to arts and cultural events, there are endless adventurous dating opportunities inCanada.