Window to the Body

It’s surprising to think that the first time you find out you have diabetes, cancer or anemia, you’re sat with your dentist, but this happens more often than not. Dentists know full well that your mouth is very good at revealing these problems. Acting fast after a dentist has told you there may be greater problems than a cracked tooth will save you a lot of trouble later on. (more…)

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The perfect smile

For many of us we can only dream about that perfect smile, well now that dream can now become a reality. Not only does a great smile look good but it has been scientifically proven to boost self-confidence and even your well-being. After all what’s the first thing that people see when they meet you, yes that’s right it’s your smile.images (7)


But don’t worry you’re not alone, in a recent study by the British Dental Health Foundation it has been revealed that as many as 25-30% of people are not happy with the way there teeth look thus affecting the way we smile and most importantly our self- confidence. And now with the advancements in dental technology and treatments, more and more people are now willing to spend their hard earned money on cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of their mouth.

So what can you do to achieve the smile that we all inspire to have, well there’s many options to choose from, this can be the very minor to the extreme makeover Swansea smile, which is a complete cosmetic and restorative procedure. Such treatments can involve a whole host of techniques like teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers and gingival sculpting. Wow!  That all sounds a bit technical I hear you say, well, although some techniques do require some more sophisticated surgery, many more techniques and treatment are relatively quite simple and can be done with just one or two visits to the dentist.

Although speaking to your dentist is the best way to find out how cosmetic dentistry can benefit the appearance of your teeth giving you that perfect smile, I have wrote a brief description of two of the most popular treatments

Teeth whitening/bleaching

By the far the most requested treatment is that of teeth whitening, this involves the dentist applying a chemical to the surface of your teeth, when the chemical is applied it returns your teeth to a natural white colour.

Dental implant

We all know how unsightly a missing tooth can be, but with a dental implant you can replace that missing tooth permanently, this is done by attaching a false tooth directly to the jaw bone, by doing it this way not only do you replace the missing tooth but also the root of the tooth, making this a popular treatment.

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My wonky teeth

When I was young I wasn’t a very happy child, this was due to the fact my teeth where all miss aligned and had big gaps between them. I remember even at such a young age being aware of the appearance of my mouth and this in turn affected my confidence.images

For many years I would even shy away from smiling in family photos, it was always a half smile in which I tried best not to show my teeth.

So when I left school I decided to do something about it, and made an appointment with my local dentist in Sutton. Although he said there was nothing wrong with my mouth and teeth in terms of oral health, and was in fact very impressed in the way I had taken care of my teeth by regular brushing and flossing. So I explained to him that I wasn’t very happy with the way my teeth looked and asked what he could do to sort out the appearance of my wonky teeth.

He told me there was now many methods and techniques that he could use to alter the appearance of my teeth, much to my delight. But first I would have to see an orthodontist to have a brace fitted to realign my teeth into the correct position.

Basically a brace is a device that is attached to the teeth which straightens and aligns the teeth to a more comfortable position; however this can take months if not years to achieve. But I felt I had no choice if I wanted to get the smile I had always wanted and the confidence that goes with a great smile.

I was however quite fortunate, as when I visited the orthodontist he told me that my mouth and teeth wasn’t that bad and a within a year he could have my teeth looking nice and straight. Well it’s been a year now, and my final visit to the dentist to remove the brace had arrived, I couldn’t believe the difference it has made. My teeth are no longer crooked and wonky but are now straight and with this I’ve noticed I am smiling a lot more and my confidence is through the roof.

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Full smile makeover

People across the UK spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on their appearances, this can be any number of things from their favourite brands of clothes to the latest fashion accessories, such as I-phones and jewellery. It would seem that looking good is important in this day in age, and why not treat our selves we work hard for it.images (1)

More and more people are now taking there appearances one step further than just the latest fashion accessories and this is due to the rise in cosmetic dentistry, but what is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is a field in dentistry whose main concern is the appearance of one’s mouth. With modern techniques and procedures your cosmetic dentist can now give you a perfect smile to go with your designer clothes.

It’s estimated that two out of five people across the UK are not happy with the appearance of their mouths; this can be missing teeth, crooked teeth and stained teeth. A popular treatment Cosmetic dentists are now offering is a procedure called a full smile makeover, this can be the very minor such as teeth whitening or bleaching to the major full mouth reconstruction. After all having a great smile doesn’t only look good but also make us feel good.

So what are some of these procedures and techniques your cosmetic dentist can do to improve your appearance and give you that confident smile you have always wanted.

Teeth Whitening

This very simple procedure involves your dentist applying a chemical to the surface of your teeth, and with only a few visits to your dentist your teeth can become that pearly white of youth.

Dental implant

Missing teeth? With a dental implant your cosmetic dentist can replace a missing tooth with a procedure called a dental implant which replaces a missing tooth permanently by attaching it to your jaw bone.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring involves the reshaping of the gum line, this technique is very effective for people with uneven or excessive gum tissue, by reshaping the gum line you can make the teeth all look the same size.

Full smile makeover 

If you have several issues such as missing teeth, crooked teeth and stained teeth a full smile makeover can incorporate all the above methods and more to give you a great smile.

So why not ask a Drogheda dentist what they can do for you.

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5 Ways to Reduce Bacteria In The Office

Slide on those silicon gloves and prepare to get dirty. Your place of employment is harbouring more germy nasties than you would care to know. Don’t spend a large portion of your week in a cess pool of sickness. Follow these few tips and you will be on the highway to hygiene!

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Clean your desk regularly

Cleaning your desk doesn’t mean just tidying your pen collection. You think of your workspace as a pristine environment, but when you knock over your morning coffee, and warm brown liquid creates rivers along your desk, you are already doomed. Wage war on bacteria, armed with soap and hot water. A quick wipe down at the end of each day will ensure milky residue isn’t festering for an entire week.

Create a cleaning roster

I’m really excited to empty the slimy bins, says no one ever. You are going to suspect everyone has severe sight problems if you continue to employ the clean-up-as-you-see-it policy for mess. If everyone has a small job they complete regularly, it will feel like no one is burdened, but your office stays squeaky clean and germ free. Place your roster in a public place to avoid confusion, and so nobody can play the blame game after three weeks of dirty toilets.

Ban the all-purpose cloth

There is no such thing as an all-purpose cloth. The sponge used for wiping slimy spaghetti off the kitchen sink, should not be used to clean the scum off the windows. Even rinsing it under hot water won’t completely remove the breeding bacteria. Throw out any cloths that could be vessels of contamination, and replace them with job specific implements. Get creative and have a bit of fun with this ordinarily mundane task. Colour code your cloths, buckets and mops, even go so far as to name and draw faces on them. Who knew cleaning could be so fun and friendly?

Make the kitchen sink sparkle

Kitchen sinks turn into cauldrons of bacteria. Yesterday’s leftover fish curry makes friends with the chunky remnants of the health freak’s protein shake. Together they birth a putrid smelling spawn that leaves you on the floor like you just inhaled chloroform. Enforce a regular cleaning regime, ensuring no dishes are left in the sink at the end of the day. Don’t let your sink become a breeding ground.

Keep carpets fresh

Give the floor some love. It’s a hard gig being consistently trodden on, soaking in spills and having dust mites settle in. The carpet can be easily ignored because it isn’t at eye level, but just a little attention can make all the difference in the cleanliness and aesthetics departments. It’s a simple as cleaning as you go. If Heather from sales drops her red lipstick, don’t let it get scuffed into the carpet for eternity. Take a couple of minutes to spot clean and keep the floor fresh. A little maintenance in between the weekly cleaners visit might just save you from a hay fever episode.

Say goodbye to bacteria, sickness and strange smells around the office. For more tricks, consult a professional cleaner, such as AMC Commercial Cleaning.

Choosing a residential care home

If you have a loved one that can no longer care for themselves or is not in a position to live safely by themselves then the best option for you to do is to find a care home for them to live in. The biggest issue that people face is a trust issue, they do not always want to trust others with the care of their loved one. Of course when you are choosing or looking through the list of Residential care homes that are available you will have a long list of questions – here is our list of great questions you should ask when choosing a care home.


What is the food like?

Like all senses taste will slowly get less sensitive with age, this means that an elderly person may not always taste the food properly. It is a great idea for you to sit down and eat with your loved one to fully understand what the meals are like at the residential care home. The food must a) meet all the dietary requirements and b) look appetising. For someone that may not taste everything in the meal the visual aspect is of great importance.

What can you hear?

Residential care homes could be noisy for a number or reasons; the residents, the wildlife or the traffic outside. If you hear residents shouting or moaning it does’ necessarily mean that the treatment is bad, as people grow older and as dementia becomes more apparent then these noises will be quite common. You should pay close attention to how the staff interact with the residents, they should be addressing as Mr or Mrs, a formal approach is what that generation are used to and it will make dealing with the, easier for the carer. How the staff talk to the residents is very important and something that should be taken in to consideration when selecting a care home.

What can you smell?

Sometimes residential care homes can be a smelly affair. There are of course reasons for this that cannot be avoided; medication and diets will make people naturally more gassy. You should also consider the fact that as people age they are less able to control both bowel and bladder movements. The main smell you should be concerned with is that of stale urine, this is a clear sign that the home is not being cleaned effectively. This is a tell tale sign that something in the home is not quite right.


Ten signs that you may have hearing loss

There are various different causes and different types of hearing loss. If you think that you are losing your hearing you should contact a professional, it might be time to start considering living with hearing aids. Typically hearing loss occurs due to age, it is also influenced by genetics, your exposure to loud sounds during your life and overall health. Hearing loss will occur at different rates in different people, it will also affect everyone differently through out their lives. One thing is not common for everyone but there are some key signs to check for to see if you’re losing your hearing. Here are ten common signs that you may have hearing loss:

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1. You find it difficult to hear people on the telephone

Your phone will have a volume setting on it, if this is turned up to maximum then it is a clear sign that either you or someone in the household is struggling to hear people on the phone.

2. You have difficulty following a conversation when people talk at the same time

This may not always be a sign of hearing loss, if you’re at a party and there are many different conversations at one time then it’s normal for you to get confused. But, if for example you’re having dinner or meeting and two people are talking at the sometime, if you have trouble following  you may have some hearing loss.

3. You have the TV on too loud

If your family complains that the TV is too loud then this is one of the easiest ways to  tell someone has hearing loss.

4. You have to strain to hear conversations

If you are constantly asking someone for confirmation about what they said then it’s time to go and see a professional for a test.

5. You have difficulty hearing in noisy environments

People with hearing loss really do struggle to block out all background noise.

6. WHAT?

If what? is the most common word in your vocal then you need to start thinking about getting tested.

7. You think people don’t speak clearly

If you have the idea that everyone you speak to has started to mumble, then it is probably you and not them. If it sounds like you have cotton in your ears all the time, you need to seek some help.

8. Misunderstanding people

If you are constantly mishearing what people are saying, and/or they keep have to repeat what they said because you misheard then you need to consider if you’ve always been like that, or if it’s a recent sign of hearing loss.

9. Trouble hearing women and children

Children and women speak at a higher frequency. So if you are struggling it means that you have hearing loss in the higher frequencies.

10. You are easily frustrated when you can’t understand others


If you are doing this then you are clearly turning the blame on to others. You need to be wise to the fact that it is you who has the issue and not your friends or family!


contact lenses

The benefits of contact lenses

Millions of people all over the UK wear contact lenses, finding them a more comfortable and practical alternative to glasses. All the time, manufacturers are innovating new lenses and designing them so they offer wearers maximum comfort – read on to hear more about the benefits you could enjoy with contacts.

contact lenses


Anyone who loves playing sports regularly will know how much of a hindrance wearing glasses can be.

Depending on how physical the activity is, your spectacles can easily be knocked off and possibly broken, meaning you’ll be out of action for the rest of the game and you’ll have to splash out on a new pair of frames.

What’s more, when it rains, your glasses can become steamed up and sweaty and this could affect how well you perform – it may even result in you having to pull out of a match.

With contact lenses however, your eyesight is just as good as if you were wearing your frames, while you can enjoy a full field of view without worrying about damaging your glasses or the rain spoiling your vision. The same goes for when you’re at the gym or going for a run – glasses can be a nuisance and feel quite constricting.
Social events

Don’t let your old spectacles ruin the photographs at an important social event – smarten your appearance with contact lenses and enjoy uninterrupted peripheral vision for the duration of the occasion. You’ll feel much more confident and your friends will love your new look.

Even if you just want to wear contact lenses now and then, they can still make you feel more glamorous at a big do, like a wedding or work dinner. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your glasses falling down your nose or sliding clean off – you can enjoy being with your friends and family worry-free.

Are you fed up with getting dodgy tan lines around your eyes when you go on holiday? Then contact lenses would be the perfect purchase, as they eliminate the chances of this happen and mean you can wear your favourite designer sunglasses out and about.

It’s only natural for people to feel apprehensive about putting contact lenses in for the first time, as the thought of inserting something into your eyes isn’t a pleasant one. But, once you get used to the lenses, you’re guaranteed to find they’re actually extremely comfortable and make day-to-day activities – such as driving and reading the paper – much easier.

Some contacts can be worn for up to 15 hours at a time and are made especially to prevent your eyes from drying out throughout the day. As long as you look after them properly – monthly ones need to be placed in a pot of solution overnight – then you should be able to enjoy all-round corrected vision at all times.

Once you’ve got the knack of putting lenses in, you won’t even notice they’re there and this feeling will last right up until the moment you take them out at night.


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Does a full moon really affect sleep?

There are many things that can help you get a good night’s sleep: a comfortable bed, a glass of warm milk, a good book. But does any of that matter if our sleeping patterns are ultimately dictated by the moon?

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 12.33.51 AM

In short, yes. Planning your night and getting a decent amount of rest is essential if you want to avoid feeling grumpy, unfocused and sluggish. Limiting your exposure to computer screens, eating properly and sticking to a routine are all excellent ways to improve your night-time routine. If you’re still having problems, online pharmacists like Medicines2u supply a wide variety of sleeping tablets to aid you. There are also a number of fantastic apps and alarm clocks that will analyse your sleeping patterns, and wake you only when you feel rested.


So where does the moon come into this? We can all accept that our daily body cycle is affected by the sun: as it sets we inherently start winding down, and as it rises we start to awake.


Dr Silvia Frey, of the University of Basel in Switzerland, found compelling evidence that our sleep is affected by a full moon. In an experiment published by Current Biology, participants had their sleep patterns monitored while being shut away from moonlight. Both the volunteers and organisers had no idea the research was going to be used to observe the effects of the moon. The results showed that during a full moon, participants slept around 20 minutes less than normal. Observers also discovered that participants had a lighter sleep and, on average, took longer to nod off. The research deducted that human sleeping patterns are indeed affect by the moon.


This begs the question – why? Scientists theorise that it’s less to do with knowledge of the tides and more attributable to an inherited ancestral body clock. They believe that centuries ago, it was survival instinct to sleep less during a full moon. The lighter nights meant that we would have been in more potential danger from predators. We would sleep lightly, so it would be easier to wake up and react to danger promptly.

At this time, this is all theoretical and the moon continues to shrouded in mystery. If you need more advice on how to get a good night’s sleep, Help Guide has a very informative set of tips you can follow.