Credible recovery of Rwanda Tourism Industry after 1994 Civil War and Genocide In Rwanda

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which lasted for 100 days but left the fragile economy of Rwanda destroyed completely causing a sharp decline in the country’s GDP. With the massacres of nearly a million people dead, impoverished life particularly women and children as refugees and militias took advantage of the genocide of ruining the country’s limited natural resources, national parks, games reserves, forests were mercilessly encroached poaching particular species of mammals to extinction. The insecurity dramatically affected the service oriented tourism industry as tourists could no longer come to the country neither domestic traveler could engage in any tourism related services as humanitarian agencies were struggling to improve lives of genocide survivors.

The Rwanda service sector depended a lot on the post genocide government programs to rebuild the economy, infrastructures, the functioning industry sector returned to production in 1996 to 2006 in particular the justice process restored following relative peace and security under the new leadership of President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda has achieved a significant progress in stabilizing her economy together with the international priority investors such as the United Nations, the European development fund and the Chinese undertook privatization of state business to increase production including the tourism industry prioritized as a potential sector, by 2005, the world investment conference in Geneva recognized tourism development potential to create of jobs, earner foreign exchange and hopefully reduce poverty and overdependence on subsistence agriculture. This led to a dramatic resurgence of economic development of Rwanda striving as a middle income earning African state.

The tourism industry still suffered negative media coverage as the country was working hard to restore her national parks. From 1998 to 2000 most national parks were secured and re opened for tourism despite the world economic recession and crisis with foreign donors hesitant to fund tourism development.

Rwanda has limited natural resources but very fertile and fragile habitats and ecosystems which were once swept into by poachers and herders leading to extinction of lions from Akagera national park whilst the critically endangered mountain gorillas in volcanoes were reducing in numbers. Nevertheless tourism seen as a rebirth and the country re-branded as “a land of a thousand hills” to fit the regional tourism market competitors. Equally good, strong conservation policies and the determined Rwandan development board saw significant efforts to diversify tourist activities to improve a classic Rwandan tour package, reduce poaching and enfranchisement involving local communities in conservation of wildlife.

The pristine rain and bamboo volcanoes national park was secured to protect the last surviving population of mountain gorillas with about 250 gorillas, the Rwandan development board partnered with African national parks to restore the big five status by re- introducing lions and rhinos. In beed to grow her tourism in early 2000, the government introduced gorilla safaris in Rwanda to Volcanoes national park as an eco tourism model of promoting responsible green travel which has turned out to be the top adventure activity featuring today’s many African safari travelers’ bucket list. In 2010 the tourism sector rebounded becoming the country’s largest sector and economic output contributing US $ 128.3 million from US $ 115.6 million in 2011.Subsequently tourists numbers to national parks started to increase which for 2012 reached 405,801 visitors coming to Rwanda with 16 % of these being leisure markets coming from outside Africa. Despite the genocide’s negative image, Rwanda is increasingly being perceived internationally as the safest tourist destination in Africa.

In the last 15 years, Rwanda turned her genocide legacy into a tourist product such as the Gisozi memorial museum tapping into the dark tourism market segments as well as greening of Kigali city. Kigali city was recently ranked 3rd greenest destination by the world travel guide. The MICE a sub sector of tourism established as a strategy to boost tourism, Rwanda has emerged as a destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, steadily climbing the ladder, Rwanda ranked 7th among the top 10 host countries for biggest events in Africa by the international congress convention association following the successful hosting of the world economic forum 2016 with over 1, 5000 delegates spending much dollars for the 3 day stay and MICE is contributing 10 % of tourism receipts.

In the aftermath of the genocide, tourism remains Rwanda’s largest source of foreign exchange over the last 15 years following the significant increase of peace and security, conducive investment climate and the travel and tourism policies such as high end marketing strategy, the gorilla naming ceremony and infrastructure development. Rwanda emerged the best continental exhibitor during the recent ITB Berlin tourism trade fare, such events continue to attract tourists, the sector registered 1.2 m visitors in 2014, these numbers grew to 304,000,000 visitors at the end of 2015 accounting for the an increase in revenues from US $ 296.4m to US $ 303m.the Rwandan development board hopes to tap into more emerging leisure markets and increase tourism development.

Tourism is rapidly growing since the 1994 genocide, security and peace stabilized, guided tours offering to explore the rich history, culture and natural beauty of Rwanda’s wildlife attractions from the iconic mountain gorillas, big game mammals in Akagera Park, waterfalls, rainforests to the dark tourism sites. Despite the rapid development, Rwanda is still a developing country facing challenges such as high population pressure, few alternative tourist attractions to keep longer stays of tourists among others. Rwanda has managed to compete with East African states offering similar products and services such as Uganda from her limited natural resources.

Must Have Items for Travel

People who travel frequently may have learned that there are certain items that they should always bring along with them during their travels. It is a given to pack clothes, shoes and toiletries, but there are a few items that some people just don’t think to bring and don’t until they they have a need for them. With this being the case, people should be sure to think about what activities they will be doing while away and pack their bags accordingly.


Here are a few must have items for travel.



Watches are a must have when you are going anywhere, even it is just up the street. It is true that people have cellphones and other ways to figure out what time it is, but watches are easier to use and offer people quick access to the time. Simple raise your arm and look down at your wrist. There is not digging through your pockets or purse or asking strangers on the street.


Pocket Knife

When people need to cut something, they often have to run to the kitchen to grab a knife or scissors. Not only does this take time, it is annoying. People like for access to things to be quick and easy, so a pocket knife is a good option. Plus, the chance of a person wanting to carry around a pair of scissors while they are traveling is very slim.



Ideally, when people go on vacation or are traveling the world towels are something that should be readily available at wherever they decide to stay. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Places lie hostels don’t really offer guests towels, so if you find yourself staying at a some place other than your home it will be nice to have your own fresh towel ready for use.


After adding these things to your list, you will find to a place that you can purchase them. Personal Creations is one merchant that offers all three of these items for an affordable price. So, when it is time to get things done and pack for you trip, you won’t have a problem getting the things you need.

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Anyone Can Afford to Travel with These Easy Tips

Do you need to get away, but you always stop yourself by telling yourself you can’t afford it? Holidays are expensive, and taking longer breaks from work to travel will cost you even more. It’s fine if you can save up for a trip and claim your holiday pay at work, but what if you struggle to save, you have no holiday left, or you’re self-employed? Surely you can’t go away for even a week, let alone longer? But you can go on vacation, or even travel around the world if you only approach it with the right mindset. There are lots of ways to save money on your holiday, and even more ways to save up for it. Try using these tips to plan your next trip, whether it’s a week in France or six months around Asia.


Choosing Destinations and Times

Two significant factors that will contribute to the expense of your trip are where you want to go, and how long you want to go for. Further flung destinations could cost more to get there, but it could be a lot cheaper once you arrive. For example, you might find that many countries in Asia or South America are very cheap for food and accommodation, even if the flights cost you an arm and a leg. Countries closer to you, and perhaps holidays in your home country, are much more accessible, but could be more expensive if you want to stay for a long time. You need to take into account how much time you’ll take off work too. Are you just taking your allotted holiday time with pay, or do you want to take a longer sabbatical?


Saving on Flights and Accommodation

There’s no doubt that travel and accommodation are the most expensive things when it comes to planning your trip. But you can save on both of them, no matter where you’re going. Tracking down the best flights can get very complicated, but it is possible to find the cheapest ones. Don’t forget to consider other forms of transport though, such as trains or driving. It’s much easier to save on your accommodation. First you should decide what sort of comfort level you need. If you’re happy to sleep anywhere, you can find a cheap hostel bed wherever you go. People who need a bit more luxury can find great hotel discounts, especially by searching on booking and comparison sites. But there are other options across a broad price range, from camping to renting a room or apartment.

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Planning, Budgeting and Saving

To start saving for your trip, you need a plan and a budget. Decide where to go, how long to stay and what to do. Then you can look at different options to find the cheapest ways to travel. Once you have a budget, you can make a schedule for saving up. There are lots of ways you can save more money by cutting your expenses, from reducing your bills to cutting out coffee. By creating a plan for saving, you can make it seem much more manageable to work towards your goal.

Everyone can take a trip away, even if they have to save for a year to go camping for a weekend. If you want it enough, there’s nothing stopping you.


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The Ultimate Guide To Employing The Best Team For Your Business

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Everyone knows a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So, it’s vital that you perform a lot of research before employing team members for your new business. Rushing into things too quickly could result in you making mistakes. The last thing you want is staff members with no motivation who consistently complete poor work. With that in mind, we thought you could do with a basic guide that covers every aspect of the employment process. We’re not going to blind you with jargon and silly terminology. You’re going to get the best advice, explained to you in layman’s terms. We can’t say fairer than that now, can we?


Write a killer job advertisement –


The way in which you describe the jobs on offer within your business could make a huge difference to the response you receive. Using boring language and lots of terms most people won’t understand is a recipe for disaster. You want to attract the most intelligent and enthusiastic people possible for the best results. To do that, you must spend time creating the ideal tone and message. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with using an element of humor. In fact, that could help you to attract people who will be fun to work with.


Look for people with the right skills and training –


Paying to educate your team and give them the best training after they’ve signed a contract could become very expensive. As your business is quite new, you could do without that extra cost. So, it’s wise to seek out people who already have the skills you require. Maybe one of your candidates might have PR and marketing qualifications? Or perhaps you want someone who has already been through decoupled molding training? It all depends on the nature of your company, and the tasks you want them to perform.


Use specialist online job boards –


In the past, advertising in your local job center was enough to find at least some decent workers. However, that is no longer the case. Due to governments insisting that benefits claimants apply for a certain amount of positions each week, you will receive lots of applications. Most of them will come from people who have no interest in working for your firm. Considering that, you should search for specialist online job boards that focus on your industry. At the very least, you will know that anyone who submits an application is computer savvy.


Plan an interesting interview –


The way in which you interview your candidates is of paramount importance. Not only do you need to learn about previous skills and experience, but it’s also wise to learn about personalities. You don’t want people working for you who are going to be aggressive or disobedient. You need people who are enthusiastic about working for your brand, and who are more than willing to go the extra mile.


We hope you are now in a better position to ensure you never offer a job to the wrong candidate. Good luck for the future. We can’t wait to see how your company progresses over the next few years. Just don’t forget the people who helped to make your life easier!



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You Can Lose Weight In Under Two Months: Get Started Today!

Most people think that dieting and losing weight will take a long time, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It is more than possible for you to shed a few pounds and feel better in less than two months. You simply have to follow our guide. Don’t get tempted to opt for celebrity or trendy diets because they don’t work in most instances. It’s much better to watch what you eat and engage in a little more exercise than usual. At the end of the day, you’ve got nothing to lose except that flab on your body. So, we think you should follow our advice and try some of the suggestions we’ve listed below. If you don’t get good results, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 12.48.37 AM

  • Eat three healthy meals per day


While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need to make sure that you eat two more to stand the best chances of losing weight. Consuming three plates of food every single day should stop the urge for snacking in between meals. You should aim to eat healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, but you also need some protein. We don’t think it’s a good idea to eat too much meat, but adding some chicken to your dinners once or twice per week isn’t going to hurt. You just need to find some motivation to ensure the new healthy habits stick.


  • Exercise every day



There is no need to spend three or four hours at the gym in the evenings after you finish work. Too much exercise could counteract your weight loss efforts. It could also mean you suffer muscle strains. So, it’s much better to take things steady. You know the old saying, softly, slowly, catchee, monkey. It’s not he who pushes himself hardest that wins the race. It’s he who carries on running for the longest. Persistence is the key. Adding some aerobics or similar exercises to your routine in the morning might be a wise move if you want to shed the pounds a little faster. However, one hour in the gym during the evening time should suffice.



  • Take supplements



You need to be careful when taking supplements as some of them are better than others. Considering that, it’s sensible to read through lots of reviews online before selecting the most appropriate brand. A decent fat burner solution could help you to reach your ideal weight much sooner than you might expect. Just make sure that you always combine those products with healthy eating and regular exercise. Failure to do that will mean you never see good results. Fat burning solutions only work if you put the effort in.


With those basic tips and tricks under your belt, you should lose a shocking amount of weight in only a couple of months. Depending on how overweight you are at the moment, that amount could make a huge difference to your appearance and confidence levels. Whichever diet plan you select or whatever advice you listen to over the next few months, we hope you get down to size soon.


PJ Johnson



The benefit of regular corporate days out

To motivate your staff, boost morale and show that you value every member it is important to put on fun events throughout the year, and there are all kinds of excellent events for you to consider. When these are put on by events companies, it will ensure that they are great fun as well as hugely valuable.


For businesses in all industries, it is important that you look for ways to demonstrate that you value your staff. When your employees feel important and valued in their position, it can boost morale and motivate them to perform to a high level. When your employees are performing efficiently and at a high level, it can boost productivity and help you to become more successful. One of the most effective ways to do this is through regular events and activities for your staff. These are also particularly valuable, as it encourages your team to spend time together and enjoy each others company outside of the office, and this can instil a team based mentality which is noticeable throughout the organisation.


Days out with the staff are the best way to improve morale, and this is because it gets them away from the office. This allows them to relax and enjoy themselves, and not feel like they are under any pressure or stress throughout the event. After just one day out or event you will notice the positive impact, but it is important to note that this should be seen as an on going process. With regular events throughout the year, you will soon notice a shift in the atmosphere back at work. Your team will feel happy and motivated each morning, and not only will this improve performance, but it will also make working alongside them a positive experience and something that everyone can enjoy.


Putting on large events and corporate days out can be challenging, and also hugely stressful. This is why it is best left to expert events companies, as some of these specialise in putting on all kinds of fun, memorable and valuable events and activities for all kinds of organisations. This could include an annual party, a company festival, an anniversary party to celebrate important milestones for the organisation, family fundays, away days, community profile raisers plus plenty more. Leaving the organisation of these to professionals will ensure it is a complete success, and it will also allow you to enjoy the event alongside your employees.


Demonstrating that you value your employees is hugely important, as this is how you boost morale and create a positive working atmosphere. This can help you to become more successful, but it also can make work a lot more enjoyable for everyone in the company. There are all kinds of fantastic events that you could put on throughout the year, all of which are geared towards your employees having a good team and enjoying spending time with one another. The positive impact that these events have does not take long to show, making them hugely worthwhile for businesses in all industries.


Top Signs of Substance Abuse and What to Do

Substance abuse is a massive problem that affects thousands of people on a daily basis, yet is often pushed under the rug. For many people, substance abuse is a normal part of their lives and affects their work, school, social interactions and relationships. Many people don’t even realize that they have a substance abuse problem, and the issues can escalate quickly. Because of this, it’s so important to know how to recognize the top signs and sources of substance abuse, so that you can identify the problem in yourself or another and get help. If you or someone you love is having a substance abuse problem, check into drug rehab centers in NJ to help get life back on track. You can trust that Advanced Health and Education in New Jersey will be committed to helping work out the substance abuse problem.

Signs of substance abuse

The tricky thing about substance abuse is that many of its signs and symptoms can also be seen in a variety of different conditions. Just because someone is showing some of these signs, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are having a substance abuse problem. So the key to identify the problem is looking for a change in behavior.

The first type of symptoms you might see are physical symptoms. These can include changes in eating habits, watery eyes, tremors, puffy face, nausea/vomiting, inability to sleep, runny nose, extreme hyperactivity or unusual smells on their breath or clothes. If you start to notice some of these symptoms that have not been there before, then you might be dealing with a substance abuse problem.

There are also behavioral signs associated with substance abuse. If you notice yourself or someone else having a change in interests or hobbies, difficulty paying attention and focusing, feeling paranoia, excessive silliness, moodiness or irritability, or a general lack of motivation and energy, these can be signs of substance abuse. Again, the key here is to look for a change in behavior or personality. You can also match these behaviors with the person’s lifestyle and notice if they might be taking substance use too far. Wall NJ rehab is a safe place to get help if you or someone you know is having a substance abuse problem.

How to get started in Forex

Are you’re interested in trading foreign currencies, but just don’t know how to get started? Well, the Forex market is quite similar to stock markets, but there are some major differences to recognize. Here we will discuss a few of the key differences between both markets and help you get a good understanding of Forex trading so you can get your start in Forex as soon as possible!

What to look for in a broker

The difference in the price of the currency at purchase and the price that it can be sold at is known as the spread, (which is calculated in ‘pips.’) Since forex brokers will not charge commissions, this difference in price is the way they make their money. There are a magnitude of options when looking for a broker. When you decide to compare brokers, there can be quite a difference in spreads so try to find the lowest possible spread to save you money!

What to avoid

Sniping and hunting are acts that are committed by shady people to increase their profits. This is when people will prematurely buy or sell near preset points. You won’t find a broker that will outwardly admit that they do this, so one of the only ways to determine which brokers are trustworthy enough not to do this is by talking to other traders out there. Always be sure to ask around and talk with others to figure out which brokers are honest and which ones are not.

How to find your strategy

Becoming a successful trader takes time and a lot of practice! Many successful traders out there start developing strategy and tweak it to perfection over time. One great way to find your strategy is to open a demo account until you can be consistent with your profits. You can open a demo account with ThinkForex and be part of their weekly webinars, where you can learn from experts in the forex market. Many times people make the mistake of going all in too quickly and lose a lot of money because of it. Make sure to learn as much as possible with online tools and do your research before using real money to trade with.

People from all around the world are becoming more and more interested in the Forex market, which just so happens to be the largest market in the world. Before you jump right in to trading in it, make sure you find the right broker for you, and take your time when finding the right trading strategy that fits your needs and objectives. Always remember that the best way to learn anything is to practice with it- so, definitely open a demo account and try it out for yourself first hand!


5 Ways to Chill Out In Costa Rica

1) Hitting The Links full-Los-Suenos-golf-17th-hole

As an avid golfer and traveller, this is one of my favorite past times in any place, so when I have an opportunity to combine it with a Costa Rican trip: Pure Bliss. A Golf Costa Rica Vacation is a great way to kickback on a sunny afternoon with some buddies, whether you are a scratch golfer or losing more golf balls than there are holes. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the Pacific coast of central Costa Rica offers some world-class golf courses with incredible geography and wildlife all around. The value that you can get when hitting the links in Central America far surpasses your typical home course. And don’t worry about needing to bring your own clubs all the way from home, because these masterfully-crafted resort courses will be happy to rent out a pair to hack up some earth with.

2) Surfing

It is no secret that Costa Rica is one of the top surf destinations in the world. I won’t pretend to be an experienced surfer, but I have enjoyed every chance I got when surfing in Latin America. There is something special about zipping up a wet suit, bellying up to a board, and taking on a wave, regardless of skill level. I believe that surfing has a lot to teach us about life and riding the waves that are brought to us. Surfing is great way to clear your head, enjoy some beautiful beaches, all while getting fit in the process. Have you ever seen a fat surfer? It’s because they don’t exist.

3) Snorkeling

The Discovery Channel can only do so much when capturing the beauty of the ocean’s biodiversity. Snorkeling in Costa Rica is one of the world’s great testaments to the richness that lies just off the shores of the white sand. I would recommend getting a cheap water-proof disposable camera to remember your underwater adventure. The pristine water will be something that you will want to re-imagine and share with friends and family back home. Snorkeling is a celebration for all the senses, hearing the sound of the ocean while swimming through these picturesque, surreal backdrops.

4) Deep Sea Fishing costa-rica-sailfishing

Besides great beaches, crystal blue water and spectacular scenery, Los Suenos, Costa Rica is known for great fishing, particularly an abundance of marlin and sailfish. Fisherman come from all over the world, particularly between December to May, to enjoy sport fishing and the marina. With its fantastic harbor, Los Suenos is a great place to enjoy the surroundings and explore the ocean. Even better than some of the best fine-dining options available, is getting back to your hunter-gatherer roots and catching your own dinner to serve to hungry family and friends.

5) Nightlife

The best part about traveling is sharing new experiences and meeting new people. Local pubs and dance clubs, especially in this part of Costa Rica, are havens to get out, enjoy a night out on the town and meet internationals from all over the world. If you check with your concierge or do some searching around online you will find any venue that suits your taste in music and ambience.

This is a great list to get you licking your chops at your Costa Rican Vacation. Now, the next step is yours!