Choosing a residential care home

If you have a loved one that can no longer care for themselves or is not in a position to live safely by themselves then the best option for you to do is to find a care home for them to live in. The biggest issue that people face is a trust issue, they do not always want to trust others with the care of their loved one. Of course when you are choosing or looking through the list of Residential care homes that are available you will have a long list of questions – here is our list of great questions you should ask when choosing a care home.


What is the food like?

Like all senses taste will slowly get less sensitive with age, this means that an elderly person may not always taste the food properly. It is a great idea for you to sit down and eat with your loved one to fully understand what the meals are like at the residential care home. The food must a) meet all the dietary requirements and b) look appetising. For someone that may not taste everything in the meal the visual aspect is of great importance.

What can you hear?

Residential care homes could be noisy for a number or reasons; the residents, the wildlife or the traffic outside. If you hear residents shouting or moaning it does’ necessarily mean that the treatment is bad, as people grow older and as dementia becomes more apparent then these noises will be quite common. You should pay close attention to how the staff interact with the residents, they should be addressing as Mr or Mrs, a formal approach is what that generation are used to and it will make dealing with the, easier for the carer. How the staff talk to the residents is very important and something that should be taken in to consideration when selecting a care home.

What can you smell?

Sometimes residential care homes can be a smelly affair. There are of course reasons for this that cannot be avoided; medication and diets will make people naturally more gassy. You should also consider the fact that as people age they are less able to control both bowel and bladder movements. The main smell you should be concerned with is that of stale urine, this is a clear sign that the home is not being cleaned effectively. This is a tell tale sign that something in the home is not quite right.