Cyprus: What to do and what not to do

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Cyprus is a very interesting place indeed, the culture has been influenced by a mixture of the west and the east. So there is a mixture of christian and muslim influence on the island, which I think makes it stand out from other destinations on offer. The local people are extremely welcoming and friendly people, they have always been so warm to me when ever I have visited this beautiful island. Due to the fact that they are such great people, it is important for us as tourists to be respectful of their culture and do everything correctly. Here is my list of dos and don’ts when you head over to Cypus.

The Dos

-When shaking hands with someone, always smile and hold eye contact with them. Remember that some very religious muslim men may not shake hands with women, so wait for them to offer you their hand

– Always respect the elder people. Family is the biggest part of the make up of this country, so elders are respected here much more than back home in the UK. Children will often loo after the elder people in their family.

– Learn some words and phrases. I think this is a big must for anywhere you visit in the world, it makes people smile when you try to speak a little bit of the local language. It always shows that you are trying to make the effort and so in turn people will make an extra effort tot ry and help you with whatever it is you want. At the very least you should learn how to say hello, please and thank you.

The Donts

– The biggest thing to do is respect the traditions when you enter a mosque. Always remove your shoes before entering and never ever walk in front of someone that is the middle of prayers.

– If you are lucky enough to go to a locals house for dinner then never sit down before you are asked to, it is also tradition to not start eating until the host has taken their first bite. Ok, so it’s not the ned of the world if you don’t obey these two eating tips but it’s good to try and keep the host happy.

– If someone offers you a drink, such as a coffee or a cold drink then it is considered extremely impolite if you refuse the offer. You don’t have to finish it all, but you can have a few sips no matter how much you do not want it.