How to have the perfect beach holiday

Booking your holiday to Turkey will leave you feeling as warm inside as you will when you are sat on one of the beaches soaking up the sun! Turkey has some of the best beaches that are on offer to those of us that live in the UK, the best part about it is that they really are not very far from home – that makes them very appealing indeed! Holidays to Turkey have been popular with British tourists for many years now because the country is great, the food is cheap and the weather always fabulous!

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Beach holidays are loved by absolutely everyone, from grand parents to grand kids, everyone will always have a good time and there is plenty to do to keep everyone entertained. From water sports, to beach massages to fantastic food, there is something there for every member of your family. People often get blinded by the excitement and the thought of the holiday they are about to have and forget about some important issues. You must remember how to keep yourself safe and protected because the sun is not always our friend, no matter how much we love it! It definitely is a love hate relationship, we love the sun but it really does hate us! With a few simple tips you can ensure that you are safe and sound when soaking up some rays of sunshine.

I know it is easy to forget the simple tips because we are all just excited to be out of the cold and wet weather that we have to endure back home in the UK. Here are some things that I remind all of my friends and family about before they jet off for a week in the sun.


You must apply this religiously, there can be no excuse at all. People of course want to go back with a sun tan to the UK but it really isn’t worth the risk of toasting your skin just to look good. You can still get a great tan with sun cream. Use it if only for the simple reason that you won’t get burnt on the fist day or two and be sore for your holiday.

Stay Hydrated

I think that most of us will do this anyway. But remember that if you are drinking alcohol at night, like most of us like to do on holiday, then you should definitely drink lots of water during the day. This becomes more important with kids, you like to give them a lot of freedom on holiday but make sure they stay hydrated, this simple tip will ensure that something simple doesn’t ruin your holiday.

Hat and Sunglasses

You should wear these every now and then, even if you are on the beach. We are not used to the sun constantly beaming down on us. A cap and sunglasses will make sure that our eyes take a rest and the hat will make sure that out temperature drops a little during the day – by the right  stuff and you’ll actually look really cool!