How To Plan The Best Fall Road Trip Ever

Fall is often all about football tailgates, hiking, bonfires, all the pumpkin spice things you can think of, and spending some cool time outdoors. It’s also one of the best times to take that road trip you’ve been dreaming about! If you love getting out and about when the weather cools down – a road trip is perfect for one day or even a sweet three day weekend. Many places boast of gorgeous Fall foliage and outdoor festivals geared toward all those cool Fall activities, which makes this season perfect for hitting the open road.

Clean Out The Clutter

You’ll want to start your road trip out in a clean car, with loads of foot room – right? Be sure to remove any trash and vacuum the interior before you head out. Alternatively, taking your car for a detail will get the car cleaned with professional precision inside and out.

Get Your Car Checked Out

Regular maintenance is key to keeping a car running smoothly on the open road. A great service center will make sure your fluids are topped up for long days on the road. Check your tire pressure and fill with air if needed. The best way to find a great service center is to check They make sure you locate a convenient service center near you that offers the most fair price on maintenance and repairs. That way you get on your road trip safe for a little less.

Map Things Out A Little

You’ll want to make loose road trip plans, because one of the things that really makes a road trip great is going off the beaten path. Maps are still your greatest asset, even if you have a GPS, because a lot of side highways are ‘blue’ which means they’re nothing but strip malls. That’s why it’s important to identify the difference between service roads and country roads. Sometimes GPS coordinates aren’t updated, especially when rural counties change addresses due to 911 service needs. That’s when the trusty printed map comes in super handy. You never know when you can get lost and might need that Atlas.

Two ‘Must Haves’ For Any Road Trip

You’ll want to pack all the entertainment. The two things that are absolute ‘must haves’ for a good day on the open road: a killer playlist and all the snacks! Music is essential in keeping the car ride fun for all ages. Many digital playlists can be tailored to genre as well as ages, so it’s easy to make something for everyone in the car. As for snacks, whatever floats your boat is the best thing to bring. Think non-perishable items like snack crackers, cookies, breakfast or granola bars, protein bars, nuts and seeds, and chips or popcorn. Don’t forget a mini-cooler with plenty of water, as this will come in handy when washing all the snacks down.

Plan For The Unexpected

Some good rules of thumb for any road trip are to plan ahead for unexpected mishaps. For instance, a flat tire. Roadside assistance services are great. Many insurance companies offer them as part of your coverage, or you can join one like AAA at a low cost as well. Pack a mini-rescue pack in your trunk with a gallon of water, extra bottle of oil, gloves, jumper cables, an extra phone charger and battery pack, a blanket, and some snacks no one knows about – just in case you end up stranded for a hot minute.