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Signs that It’s Time for a Career Change

I hated Monday mornings. The snap conversations of weekend wonders, an endless parade of movies, motives and amazing moments, and my simple one word answers. Fine. Good. Great. Amazing. Okay. Their smiles were polite but disinterested; I didn’t fit the culture, if you call smashing a few wines on a Friday afternoon culture, and I spoke with an uncertainty that probably marked me as an easy target. My stomach ache subsided, leaving room for a pulse rhythm throbbing against my temples as my inbox fell open and clients’ voices projected themselves in shrill tones through the screen, demanding this, asking that, repeating the same questions over and over. I hated my world, though I didn’t know how to escape, or even if I should. If you’re reading this, nodding along, drawing parallels or identifications, it may be time to get out. How do you know? How does anybody know whether they should step back from a career carved out of hard work and an endless list of sleepless nights? Won’t you be throwing it all away? Maybe. Perhaps discarding a mind-melding, soul-sucking job will set you free to pursue other opportunities, and that may mean sacrificing everything. Big move, I know. I took a chance, should you?

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Are You Always Tired?

Now, there’s a defined difference between being absolutely exhausted and fatigued to the point of chronic debilitation. If you’re working long hours to meet a pressing deadline, and you feel like you’re head will implode any second, it’s uncomfortable but reasonably normal across a scale of occupations. If, on the other hand, you are consistently depleted, no matter how many hours shut eye you catch, it may be time to pull the plug or at least reassess your role. Burning out is common in creative industries, where workers will often pull a series of all-nighters to meet deadlines and spin a series of phrases in hopes of achieving some kind of coherency. Its little wonder some of the best chuck in the towel and contact a resources recruitment company like One Key Resources, chasing a higher return for physical work, desperate to give their brains a break.

It Just Doesn’t Pay

Salary can only tide us over so much before the cash incentive and any internal perks fall flat, encouraging a deep void to swirl open and expand, swallowing the last shred of enjoyment you may have felt. Deadlines no longer feel like an accomplishment, trading a sense of pride for the weight of muted relief – every function, sentence and work structure is navigated on auto-pilot, from your best water cooler smile, to your template sign-offs or signatures. Every day you dream of new ways to make money and utilise your unique abilities, but tell yourself not to be silly, you need the company, right? Wrong.

Running On Empty

Making the right choices out of the highschool gate became your impetus for achievement; your dreams felt too risky, there was no guarantee of a satisfactory pay off, so the safe choice or right choice transformed into a career. Up until now (though, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been feeling this way for a while) you’ve plodded along happily, meeting societal and familial expectations, raising the bar, striving for leadership roles or achieving a bland five year plan and now…you’re bored. You’re completely and utterly bored out of your mind, there’s nothing left. Taking the path of least resistance, the safe bet, the lucrative promotion has some immediate pay offs; it may even pay for a house or car. But time will catch up. You will feel the pull of destiny. No, you don’t belong in a two dimensional dreamscape, with four walls and a cubicle space, even if you have a gold plated sign on the door.