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These Strange Foods Will Help You Live Longer!

If you are interested in health and nutrition, you probably already know all about the so-called super foods that are full of nutrients your body needs. When faced with a decision between a bacon sandwich and a salad full of vegetables, it’s not hard to know which one is the healthier choice. However, you might be surprised to learn that some foods and beverages have rather surprising health benefits. From tomato ketchup that might delay skin ageing to Vegemite’s ability to fight depression, discover what foods to pick up on your next shopping trip for better overall health and longevity.


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Eat Watercress to Reduce Breast Cancer

You might already enjoy the peppery flavour of watercress as a garnish to your meals, but the dainty green also pack a punch in terms of nutritional benefits. According to a study at the University of Southampton, watercress can inhibit the growth of breast cancer tumours. Basically, the compounds in watercress shut off blood supply to tumours, which forces them to shrink or at the very least stop growing. Add watercress to your salads, make a delicious watercress soup for the summer or just pile it on to your sandwiches for extra crunch.

Get Your B Vitamins from Vegemite or Marmite

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that the salty spreads popular in Australia and the United Kingdom do contain plenty of nutritional benefits. Vegemite, for example, is a rich source of B vitamins. Vitamins B1 and B6, in particular, are exceptionally good for beating depression and reducing the symptoms of anxiety in men and women. Despite the salt content, there are plenty of great reasons to spread a layer of Vegemite or Marmite on your morning toast.

Keep Skin Looking Young With Tomato Ketchup

Tomato ketchup might be a tasty addition to your meals, but it can also be a smart way to keep your skin from ageing rapidly. Raw tomatoes contain the ingredient lycopene, which is what helps protect the skin from UV damage and stay elastic for longer. While the lycopene from raw tomatoes is certainly healthy, you would have to eat dozens of tomatoes each day in order to get the same benefits as a few servings of tomato ketchup. Along with ketchup, concentrated lycopene is found in tomato sauces for pasta and tomato paste.

Help Digestion by Eating Fermented Foods

The term fermented foods doesn’t sound particularly appealing, and it usually brings to mind the image of foods that have spoiled or gone off over time. In reality, fermented foods are commonly eaten around the world, and they have some surprising health benefits. Sourdough breads, homemade pickles, Korean kim chi and German sauerkraut are all made through fermentation. These fermented foods deliver probiotics right to your digestive system, which can increase the healthy bacteria in your gut and even help you better absorb the nutrients you are already eating through a healthy diet.

Regenerate Cells Thanks to Leeks

Leeks are a common winter staple, and they pair wonderfully with roast dinner or hearty soups. What you might not realise, however, is that leeks are also naturally full of folate. This nutrient helps cells to regenerate, and it is necessary for healthy foetal development. With plenty of folate in your system, you can recover from injuries faster and enjoy a better-functioning immune system.

Try Millet for Better Sex

You might be most familiar with millet because it is an ingredient in bird seed, but it is rapidly becoming a tasty favourite for health-conscious diners as well. Millet can be eaten just like oatmeal, and it is chock full of manganese. This nutrient can increase libido and may even serve as a natural aphrodisiac.

Even if you are careful to ingest the most nutritious foods possible, you still need to care for your health in other ways. Spend time comparing the market and selecting the best health insurance plan that will keep you healthy for your long life, aided in no small part by these unusual but nutrient-packed foods.