How To Impress With Gifts – Personalise Them!

When buying a gift for a friend or loved one, you want to put as much effort into it as possible, right? It does not have to be an expensive gift because we are all aware that it is the thought that counts. There are few better ways to make a memorable gift then to give something that has been personalised for the receiver. You can get creative and use your imagination to come up with exciting ideas for gifts and get to work. Here are some ideas for personalised gifts that we came up with.

Cups and Mugs

Is your friend a big tea or coffee drinker? If they are, you can make sure they remember your gift every day by giving them a personalised cup with pictures of you together or a cool design that they will love. Every time they boil the kettle they will open the cupboard and be reminded of you. It is easy to get this done online or in a local photo shop, just come up with a collection of images and save to a usb.



You can personalize some placemats as a gift with a picture or a favourite quote of the person who will be receiving. Striking colours and a smooth wood finish make placemats a great gift idea. A perfect place for the picture cup to rest when it is hot and to sit a dinner plate. These are the gifts that get remembered time and time again. A little personal touch goes a long way.


Cushions & Throws

A cushion may seem a strange gift idea, but it will get regular use and be a part of daily life. A comfy cushion with personal embroidery will capture the heart of whoever you give it to. It will sit on the couch and be used every day to provide comfort and warmth. In addition to your nice cushion gift you could get an accompanying throw to match. This can be used for the living room furniture or for the bedroom. This personal touch will brighten the life of your friend and remind them of you all the time.

Picture Frames

What better way to show you care than to make a unique picture frame to showcase photos for your friend. Nothing is more personal than sharing the memories you had together through picture, and then having it hang upon the wall in your house. If you wanted to get your creative juices flowing you could make your own frame and use a wood-burning tool to leave a message inscribed. You can also do a collage of stories that you have had together and make this into a nice picture frame to give laughs every time it is seen.

Personalised for Men

If you are shopping for personalised gifts for men then it can get even easier. Engraved leather wallets, zippo lighters, belts, cuff links, collar stiffeners.. The list goes on and on. You can give almost any gift a personal touch these days and it should be something you consider next time you are shopping for a friend or loved one.