contact lenses

The benefits of contact lenses

Millions of people all over the UK wear contact lenses, finding them a more comfortable and practical alternative to glasses. All the time, manufacturers are innovating new lenses and designing them so they offer wearers maximum comfort – read on to hear more about the benefits you could enjoy with contacts.

contact lenses


Anyone who loves playing sports regularly will know how much of a hindrance wearing glasses can be.

Depending on how physical the activity is, your spectacles can easily be knocked off and possibly broken, meaning you’ll be out of action for the rest of the game and you’ll have to splash out on a new pair of frames.

What’s more, when it rains, your glasses can become steamed up and sweaty and this could affect how well you perform – it may even result in you having to pull out of a match.

With contact lenses however, your eyesight is just as good as if you were wearing your frames, while you can enjoy a full field of view without worrying about damaging your glasses or the rain spoiling your vision. The same goes for when you’re at the gym or going for a run – glasses can be a nuisance and feel quite constricting.
Social events

Don’t let your old spectacles ruin the photographs at an important social event – smarten your appearance with contact lenses and enjoy uninterrupted peripheral vision for the duration of the occasion. You’ll feel much more confident and your friends will love your new look.

Even if you just want to wear contact lenses now and then, they can still make you feel more glamorous at a big do, like a wedding or work dinner. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your glasses falling down your nose or sliding clean off – you can enjoy being with your friends and family worry-free.

Are you fed up with getting dodgy tan lines around your eyes when you go on holiday? Then contact lenses would be the perfect purchase, as they eliminate the chances of this happen and mean you can wear your favourite designer sunglasses out and about.

It’s only natural for people to feel apprehensive about putting contact lenses in for the first time, as the thought of inserting something into your eyes isn’t a pleasant one. But, once you get used to the lenses, you’re guaranteed to find they’re actually extremely comfortable and make day-to-day activities – such as driving and reading the paper – much easier.

Some contacts can be worn for up to 15 hours at a time and are made especially to prevent your eyes from drying out throughout the day. As long as you look after them properly – monthly ones need to be placed in a pot of solution overnight – then you should be able to enjoy all-round corrected vision at all times.

Once you’ve got the knack of putting lenses in, you won’t even notice they’re there and this feeling will last right up until the moment you take them out at night.