Types of cosmetic dental surgery

Types of cosmetic dental surgery

Keeping up with the large number of dental procedures available can be difficult, especially with an industry that is constantly improving. No longer are there the thoughts of scary dentists and large metal braces, read on to find out more about what dentists are doing now and what to expect when you hear these words being mentioned.

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Dentures, or false teeth as they are also known, are one form of replacement teeth that are usually secured or fixed to a plastic plate. They are moulded and fitted to cover areas where you have missing teeth. Dentures are removable and often require a temporary adhesive applied to them in order make them fit more securely and to prevent irritation in the gums. One advantage of dentures is that they are easy to keep clean because they can be removed.

Crowns are effectively a shell that is usually made out of porcelain that is placed over the top of a filed down tooth, the porcelain shell is adhered to the tooth using a special form of glue. Crowns are usually used when a tooth has become damaged in some way, but the underlying structure is still good, for example a tooth has become chipped or cracked. This means that crowns have a natural feeling and have much more strength than dentures..


Braces are a series of wires that are placed and fixed over the teeth in different places. They are tightened at regular intervals in order to move the teeth in a certain way and are really effective in straightening them. The wires need to be tightened by an orthodontist at regular intervals over a period usually lasting up to two years. Braces have significantly decreased in size and there are many options available that are practically invisible.

Plates or retainers

These are moulded pieces of plastic that are reinforced by wires and are used by people who have stopped wearing braces. These sit in the mouth and ensure that the teeth do not move back to their former position and ensures that a completely new structure for the arrangement of the teeth is adopted. Plates and retainers usually only need to be worn overnight, but some are required to be worn during the day.

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