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What To Do Before Visiting Antarctica


I am lucky enough to be one of the few people that have taken a few trips to Antarctica and I would willingly go back many more times to experience what is one of the greatest holiday destinations on earth. You can makes you own trips to Antarctica and the following tips will really help you have some successful ones of your own, because this is not your ordinary holiday.

Plan, plan and plan some more

I can’t stress this enough and the reason that I had such a great time on my trips was because I found the right tours and tour operators for me. I knew what I wanted and was willing to ask around until I got the answer that I wanted. I would highly recommend researching and then researching some more. This is something that can really pay off in the end. I also wanted to make sure that I was getting my money’s worth, because visiting Antarctica is no small expense.

Invest in good equipment

This is something that definitely made my trips all the more enjoyable, of course being one of the lucky few to go to Antarctica is one thing, but it is another to be unprepared. So let’s start with clothing. I purchased some really high quality clothing that was not cheap, but was totally worth it. My thoughts are that sub standard equipment is only going to mean a very unpleasant holiday for you. Something that you can look into too when it comes to a tour operator is if they provide certain clothing like boots and waterproof clothing. I would highly recommend a test run of your equipment, so that everything is in order.

For the sake of this article, let’s think of cameras as essential equipment. After all you will be taking thousands of photos (trust me on this). I spent quite possibly too much money on a new camera before I left, but boy was it worth it. I got some amazing snaps that I can keep for the rest of my life and which I am very proud of too. I think that some nice binoculars are also a good idea to make sure you don’t miss anything, especially whales that swim in the Antarctic waters.

Get fit

Building up some physical fitness is a great way to help you deal with the cold weather, especially because those with better fitness generally have better circulation. Even though I knew that I wouldn’t be running around everywhere, I found that being fit for the trip was very important. Especially given the length of the trip and the harsh conditions.

See a doctor

In addition to being fit, I also went to the doctor in order to see if I had any health issues before I left. Thankfully nothing was wrong, but it is always a good idea to do this because being sick is going to make your trip unpleasant. In fact you could get even worse, given the exposure to the cold. I think this is also a good opportunity to get some new prescription medication if you take it, because this will be near impossible to find in Antarctica.