What to do in dental emergencies

What to do in dental emergencies

Dental emergencies are one of the realities of life, although we don’t want them or expect them it is crucial to understand how to deal with them if they arise. Read on to find out some ways you can minimise the impact of dental emergencies.

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Know an emergency dentist

Some people may argue that this may be overly cautious but the reality is that knowing the location and contact details of an emergency dentist can be the difference between a minor issue and a major issue. It also does not take much time at all to do a quick search of the internet for an emergency dentist, particularly one that is open after hours.

Broken or chipped teeth

Broken or chipped teeth is a common issue that many people experience, some people may get a large chip or crack that requires immediate attention. If something like this does happen to you it is important to save the cracked fragment of tooth, as this may be able to be reattached later on. It is important that if there is bleeding that you control this with a wound dressing, like gauze, as well as any swelling with ice.


Everyone experiences toothaches at some point in their life and they are caused for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons are food lodged in the gums or irritation from chewing something hard, but it is important to realise when a toothache may be a serious problem. Try to rinse your mouth with water and remove any food stuck in your gums, but if the pain continues for an extended period of time it may be the sign of a more serious problem then it is best to visit your dentist immediately.

Lost teeth

Losing your teeth can be unpleasant and expensive if not dealt with swiftly. If you do happen to lose a tooth, make sure you locate the tooth first and rinse it with water to remove any dirt from it, try to put the tooth back in its place when it is clean, but do not force it. Teeth that are put back have a much better chance of being recovered. It is important to control any bleeding and swelling if there is any and then immediately seek medical help.

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